Artist of the month: Mirel Vieru (Demo)

Mirel Vieru is a young painter born in Băileşti, Romania in 1980, who graduated in 2004 the University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Painting Degree.

Mirel is part of the generation of artist from Cluj (“Cluj School”) that had become very known in Romania and abroad due to some artists promoted by international galleries, museums and auction houses. Adrian Ghenie and other Cluj painters (Mircea Suciu, Serban Savu or Marius Bercea) were among the first artists who had access to the art galleries from the West of Europe or North America, helping the “Cluj school“ of painting to become known and helping the new generations of painters like Mirel Vieru to be related to the phenomenon of the figurative painting recognized internationally and to the story of “Cluj School”.

Mirel started his international career  in 2015 with his exhibition  “Lines and Limits” at the Belgian Gallery Miele Fever, a Gallery that promoted Romanian painters from “Cluj school” (

As the exhibition was a great success, he wanted to continue the theme and in March 2017 Mirel, after careful selection decided to start working with a Gallery from Bucharest/ Romania and has chosen Renaissance Art Gallery where 15 abstract oil paintings were exhibited at his solo exhibition entitled “Limit and Evolution” that had the opening in September 2017.

The “Limit and Evolution” exhibition’s general theme revolves around the limitation train of thought; specifically, it relates to understanding how limitation acts within the landscape of the process we call evolution.

“I see the limitation theme as one of the essentials of our reflective rapport with the world”, says Mirel Vieru, Painter, Cluj School Artist represented by Renaissance Art Gallery.

“Mirel wanted that this exhibition to be part of  his own evolution as an artist and to outbreak his own limitations and I truly believe that he managed to evolve and break his limits by using a special technique that brought a lot of innovation to the old technique of oil painting. He started almost all of his paintings from a photography of still nature taken by him following to create the abstract paintings digitally  in a sequence of 10 to 20 images that he had to copy afterwards exactly and create the final painting”, says Oana Visoiu, owner of Renaissance Art Gallery.

He  photographed pieces of chalk that are used to break the lines and limits symbolizing the evolution and also photographed dried pieces of grass that ended up to representing his lines in the abstract paintings and one can note that in his first exhibition in Belgium “Lines and Limits” the lines were very strict showing clearly the limits and in his second exhibition “Limit and Evolution”  he broke the lines, therefore he broke the limits,  letting the color to came out of them, letting the viewer to travel with his own mind and imagination into a fantastic perspective.

The curators of the exhibition were Karima Radwan, art historian and art lecturer (Christie’s Education, London, England., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and M. Arh. Iulia Toader (BA in architecture from the University of Architecture Ion Mincu Bucharest and fuer Baugeschichte Karlsruhe Institute, together with qualifications from the School of Popular Art.).


Currently, the exhibition is shown at the premises of Biris Goran Law Firm located on Aviatorilor Boulevard, Bucharest. It was a strategic decision in order to show how art can change but also integrate the austere office rooms and soon his exhibition will be displayed on Artsy, the online resource for art collecting and education that features the world’s leading galleries, museum collections, foundations, artist estates, art fairs, and benefit auctions, that has accepted Renaissance Art Gallery as Gallery partner. One can note that ARTSY’s search engine has “Cluj school” included as part of its genome project ( ), this can only make us Romanians proud of our artist and our art schools.


Mirel Vieru  is currently working on a new personal painting exhibition that will be featured in an Islandic Gallery in February 2019.

For more information on Mirel’s work please contact Oana Visoiu at or 0722381325.



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