ateliercetrei won First Prize for “The best design of a public space” (Demo)

Cluj-Napoca based architectural practice ateliercetrei received the Grand Prize for their project “Studios for alternative art education at Tudor Jarda School of Arts”, in the category: “The best design of a public space”, at “Elle Decoration Romanian Design Awards 2018” competition.

The project unfolds the refurbishment of a building dating from 1886, aiming to uncover as much of the historic building’s essence as possible and to adapt it to its new program and its beneficiary’s needs. The narrative of the 6 spaces (Choreography studio: folk dance, Orchestra and jazz studio, Choreography studio: classic/modern/contemporary dance, Fashion studio, Painting studio and Graphics studio) aims to facilitate the lecture and clear distinction between both the historical layers and contemporary interventions. The 6 spaces are similar to each other through their exposed structures, but differ from each other through the elements and materials that are indispensable to the educational processes.

“At ateliercetrei we are very fond of stories and consider that architecture is inevitably linked to them, even more than to a concept or an idea. We gladly took part in the refurbishment of Tudor Jarda School of Arts, trying to make a worthy contribution to the story line of their building. One of the major challenges was the building’s age, because we wanted to keep as much of its authenticity in relation to the contemporary elements prescribed through the project. Thus, we have created antitheses: old and new, authenticity and innovation, adding a new chapter to the story.”, declared arch. Anamaria Moldovan.

The team behind the refurbishment project, with a total surface of the six studios of 449.60sqm, consists of 6 architects: Anamaria Moldovan, Paul-Mihai Moldovan, Florin-Vasile Lazăr, Ștefan Ionuț Perse, Eszter Szoke and Robert Dozsa, and their collaborators: eng. Radu Lucian Pop, CSP Proiect Line SRL, Monstar Monolit SRL, Ph.D. Ioana Rus-Cacovean, prof. Ph.D. eng. Augustin Popa, eng. Nicolae Rotaru, eng. Simon Moldovan, Expert M.C. Ph.D. (Biol.) Livia Bucșa, arch. Octavian Coroiu, arch. Ruxandra Coroiu and Ph.D. (Biol.) Dragomir-Cosmin David.

ateliercetrei (written in one word in lowercase letters) is a partnership practicing architecture, interior architecture, design, urban planning and cultural analysis trying to bring together academia, design research and professional practice. The practice is led by two partners in charge of the different ongoing projects: Anamaria Moldovan and Paul-Mihai Moldovan.

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