AVINCIS launched a music album together with Alexandru Tomescu (Demo)

AVINCIS, one of the most esteemed premium wine producers in Romania, along with Alexandru Tomescu, famous contemporary Romanian violinist, and Omar Massa, bandoneon virtuoso born in Argentina,  have launched `Sunetul AVINCIS` – a classical music album which bears within its chords the harmonious sound of VILA DOBRUȘA’s domain.

`Through all its dimensions, the VILA DORBUȘA domain – CRAMA AVINCIS is a cultural project, thus the rendezvous with music in the middle of the vineyard is a natural one. Having inspired artists for millennia, the concept of wine has become, by its own self, an aesthetic object. Together, the vineyard and the wine create a discreet music, an almost silent, serene sound. `Sunetul AVINCIS` indeed suggests a dialogue between music and the melody of the vineyard.

Therefore, Alexandru Tomescu and Omar Massa interpret and discover, at the same time, the voices of composers and those of AVINCIS’s wines as well. Enjoy the music together with AVINCIS wines!`, declared Valeriu Stoica, owner of AVINCIS Winery.

The first classical music album ever recorded at AVINCIS Winery was born from the passion for music and oenology, in which Alexandru Tomescu’s Stradivarius violin meets Omar Massa’s bandoneon for the first time.

`The idea of ​​this association came naturally to me: a small wine tasting session was held at the end of each recording day. I quickly realized that music can be felt and heard differently when paired with the right wine`, said Alexandru Tomescu.

`Sunetul AVINCIS` brings something new to the classical music market, because every musical piece is associated with a certain wine from AVINCIS’s cellar. Wines represent a symphony of flavors, and if matched with extraordinary music, they can be a delight for all our senses. The album contains 12 tracks, featuring pieces that explore the famous South American tango repertoire, as well as legendary, classical works of art, to which Omar Massa’s bandoneon added a new dynamic and vivid touch.

`Music and wine – not only do they compliment each other perfectly, but they also enhance one another. I’ve always felt that the story of a place also features some sort of melody of its own, and the AVINCIS wine cellar, projected by Alexandru Beldiman, has a remarcable acoustic, which enriched the sound of the Stradivarius violion and of Omar Massa’s bandoneon.`, added Alexandru Tomescu.

The launching event took place at Ghica Victoria Palace, a place defined by history and culture, in the presence of dozens of guests, AVINCIS friends, journalists and bloggers. The ambassador of the event was Andreea Micu, owner of AVINCIS winery.

`It is a real honor for us to collaborate with Alexandru Tomescu and Omar Massa – two  musicians whom we admire very much –  in order to bring to light, for the first time in Romania, our dear project, `Sunetul AVINCIS`. Music and wine create both sensory and soul experiences in close connection with each other, and the songs on this album are the best proof in this respect. This initiative is another important step AVINCIS is making as to support arts and culture.`, said Andreea Micu, owner of the AVINCIS winery.

The `Sunetul AVINCIS` album is for promotional purposes only and is not for sale.

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