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AVINCIS wines were officially launched six years ago and since then they have stood as a unique symbol for the rebirth of Romanian wines, merging modernity with tradition. However, their story began in 1927, when Maria and Iancu Râmniceanu – appointed as officer of the Romanian army by Ionel Brătianu – became the proud owners of an authentic Neo-Romanian manor, surrounded by the vineyards of Drăgășani. In 2007, their great grandchild, Cristiana, along with her husband, Valeriu Stoica, decided to return to her family’s lands and carry on with the heritage of redefining the fascinating wine history.







AVINCIS started the year  by adding 14 new international awards to their collection with Fetească Regală & Pinot Gris 2015, AVINCIS White 2015 (Domnul de Rouă în Alb), Merlot 2013, Pinot Noir 2013 and the VILA DOBRUȘA palette being among the most acclaimed wine assortments out of their range.

AVINCIS Fetească Regală & Pinot Gris 2015 received a silver medal at one of the most prestigious international competitions – the International Wine Challenge held in London – being the only Romanian wine appraised as such. AVINCIS White 2015 (Domnul de Rouă în Alb) was also awarded a bronze medal.

At the international Decanter World Wine Awards competition, the biggest one in the wine industry for having gathered thousands of participants in the past 13 years,  AVINCIS Fetească Regală & Pinot Gris 2015 together with AVINCIS Negru de Drăgășani 2013 were awarded silver medals, whereas AVINCIS Cuvée Petit – Sauvignon Blanc 2015 and  Merlot 2013 – received  bronze medals.

AVINCIS stands for high quality and is a proof of our well-done work, it bears the mark of the passion and perseverance we endow our actions with, now and always. The awards we have proudly won, truly certify and honor the AVINCIS team. Considering this, we aim to maintain our high level of responsibility, by leading forward the AVINCIS tradition and values.” declared Andreea Micu, AVINCIS owner.

At this year’s edition of the Balkans International Wine Competition, AVINCIS VILA DOBRUȘA – Fetească Regală & Pinot Gris & Tămâioasă 2015 won the Best Indigenous White variety Trophy. Moreover, AVINCIS Cuvée Andrei – Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 was rewarded a gold medal for being prepared from very old Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards mixed with younger ones.  

Two silver medals were granted to AVINCIS VILA DOBRUȘA – Sauvignon Blanc 2015 and AVINCIS Domnul de Rouă în Alb 2015, followed by three bronze medals awarded to AVINCIS Domnul de Rouă în Roșu 2015, AVINCIS Merlot 2013 and AVINCIS Pinot Noir 2013.

Apart from the large variety of international awards, AVINCIS also received a Diploma of Excellence, at the second edition of RO-Wine – wine festival which took place in Bucharest on the 20th and 21st of May, collecting over 350 types of wine, appertaining to inland and international producers.



Regarding the wine production, the first part of 2017 was full of uncertainty due to frosty weather which had quite a significant impact on several vineyards in Romania (in April), including on the VILA DOBRUȘA domain, where the AVINCIS cellar is located. However, the resulting analysis reassured us that the situation was not as bad as we had initially feared. Eventually, the spring and summer weather have proved of great help, making possible for the autumn harvest to be of highest quality.

With regard to the oenological matters, in 2017, AVINCIS has implemented a new decisional structure. It consists of an oenological council made up of two external consultants – Ghislain Moritz/France ( who had previously worked as a permanently based oenologist of the vineyard) and GIOTTO Consulting SRL/Italy, along with the cellar and owners’ representative. This new scheme allows us to have a better image on the evolution of the crops and the maximum potential of the harvest, whether it is about obtaining  “creative” wines or fresh ones.

One of the main AVINCIS activities of 2017 was to consolidate and extend the retail market, area in which we recently launched with the VILA DOBRUȘA wine range. Thus, we are presenting a selection of five wines (two white wines – VILA DOBRUȘA Sauvignon Blanc and VILA DOBRUȘA Fetească Regală & Pinot Gris & Tămâioasă Românească; two red wines- VILA DOBRUȘA Cabernet Sauvignon and VILA DOBRUȘA Negru de Drăgășani & Merlot; one rosé – VILA DOBRUȘA Rosé) in Auchan, Carrefour, Real – Arad & Oradea and  Mega Image store chains (of which the latest provides the possibility of online shopping).

Furthermore, one of the aims for 2018 remains to secure the retail market, raising awareness of our new brand VILA DOBRUȘA. At the same time we continue to increase the HoReCa segment, where AVINCIS operates since 2011.

Another ongoing project is the cellar modernization through some new acquisitions. This comes as a result of the vineyards being expanded, as well as of improving the landscape.

Moreover, we continue developing the oenoturistical network, especially by supporting team buildings and other business-related events organised at the AVINCIS cellar. With a capacity of 13 double rooms, AVINCIS facilitates the use of 9 modern and completely equipped rooms, 3 apartments located above the cellar, with an impressive view over the domain, vineyard and Olt river, sport fields (tennis, basketball, volleyball) and a specially arranged space for wine tasting. Our guests can book a trip with all meals included, wine tasting, a tour of the cellar and vineyard walks.

According to the estimations for 2018, we expect a 10-15% growth of our turnover, compared to the previous year.


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