Beauty and effective care at any age with Fiterman (Demo)

The pharmaceutical manufacturer Fiterman Pharma has created under the umbrella of Fiterman Laboratories a range of dermatocosmetic products that address both women and men.

Developed under pharmaceutical rigor, the whole range of Dermatocosmetics Anti-Age HA products are based on the use of hyaluronic superacid and hyaluronic nano-acid molecules with high capability to penetrate both superficial and deep layers of skin, reducing the appearance wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid molecules are embedded in natural creams, which have a high degree of adaptability to skin texture and climatic conditions.

The anti-wrinkle effect is enhanced by the use of evodiamin-rich extracts and rutaecarpines, which improve microcirculation in the skin layers, increasing nutrient and oxygen intake, indispensable to regeneration and synthesis of native collagen.

Discover the anti-age cosmetics of Fiterman Laboratories and turn reality into every woman’s dream of being beautiful at any age!

We know that the wrinkles around the eyes are the first to make their appearance. To fade them and give you a fresh look, Fiterman Laboratories have created Anti-Age HA Eye Contour Cream. And to reduce fine lines and redraw the contour of the face, you can use anti-age HA mask cream.

Here’s why it’s worthwhile trying out the professional anti-age solutions created by Fiterman Labs:

Anti-Age HA Mask Cream – More than a night cream and more than just a mask, a professional facial treatment that can be used at home.

Easy to use, as it does not require rinsing, Anti-Age HA Mask Cream offers the ideal and handy solution to fight the signs of time passage.

Anti-age HA Eye Contour Cream – with a delicate texture that allows immediate absorption into the skin, stimulates the microcirculation of the skin in the eye area, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, the effects are visible in the shortest possible time.

Fiterman Pharma is recognized for over 20 years of excellence in the manufacture of medicines, supplements, medical devices and cosmetics.