Best Foot Forward – Women Business Leaders x 8 (part 2)

In The Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs 2018, Romania was ranking 9th among the countries with the highest percentage of businesses owned by women. The results of the study have shown that, of all businesses in Romania, 28.9 percent are owned by women. Sounds optimistic? We talked with eight women entrepreneurs about the local business environment.

This is part two of the series. Read part one here.

Corina Bernschutz, owner Bernschutz&Co Tea

Business: horeca

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: Choose the field and business category carefully, taking into account the potential of the market, but also the effort you are going to spend with a business. Also, pay attention to the resources such as money, time and people needed for the short, medium and long term. If you see yourself doing that business with enthusiasm and joy and after five years, go for it.

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?

No. It only started when what I did at work was no longer sufficient for my need to create, expand, build and express myself.

How do you maintain a good work life balance?

Carefully, having in mind the decision that every important thing in my life (family, hobbies, friends) have to receive in a balanced way, my time, my attention and my affection.

Nadire Omer, design jeweller Lady MagPie

Business: fashion accessories

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: I’d say it’s very important to research your market and your competition thoroughly before starting a business. Also, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary resources.

What have you found the most rewarding about setting up your business?

First of all, I enjoy the freedom of doing what I like, on my own. Then, as a designer, it was very useful for me to see that people liked my jewellery, that my pieces made people happy. It was my motivation to continue. But I believe that the most rewarding part is the journey itself, the business development process, which includes self-development and self-discovery, the interaction with other people, colleagues, collaborators or clients. Obviously, the financial aspect is also very important.

What quality do you think you need to be a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman?

I believe a healthy mix includes emotional balance and thorough self-knowledge. Also, having a vision, being solution-oriented, having knowledge of business development, legal and fiscal aspect and Excel. And last but not least, being able to find funding for your ideas, working with others and building a team.

Irina Wagner, co-owner Wagner

Business: pottery / interior design
Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: Study the market carefully, offer and do something that you are very good at and have enthusiasm. Also, in that sense, make a business plan, find out about credit opportunities and which contacts can help, if needed.

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?

No, but the idea did germinate early during the teenage years. I liked the idea of having a cool place with cool, artsy things. It has been lost for a while, but upon reaching 30 years old, I had a choice between going back to a corporate job or developing something on my own. So I chose the second option. I also needed more freedom because I had a newborn baby and my entrepreneurial career gave me this flexibility.

How do you maintain a good work life balance?

By rigorously delegating attributions, finding the right people in the right places. The primary quality of a manager is to delegate and to manage. Over time I gradually reduced my time spent in the company to have more time for me and my family.

Irina Stancescu, co-owner Pain Plaisir

Business: horeca / food

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: Understand why you want to be an entrepreneur, it will prove to be a great source of strength and enthusiasm. 

What have you found the most rewarding about setting up your business?

There are a lot of rewarding aspects of the business, hard to choose. I would say that filling in the blank page with your actions, mind and passion – basically seeing it happen, from dream to reality and sharing it with other people.

What quality do you think you need to be a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman?

Resilience and the belief that you will make it work, by deploying your best resources and capacities.

Writer: Oana Vasiliu

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