Bonds Of Love With Pandora: Brilliant Bows (Demo)

Tie up your style and sentiments with sophisticated new statement bow jewellery. A ritual of expression transcending language, the bow remains an enduring jewellery symbol that symbolizes precious bonds. For the new season, PANDORA reimagines the swirling shape in bold new proportions.

Cast from polished sterling silver and detailed with glittering stones in different sizes, the versatile new jewellery series Bonds of Love reinterprets the fluid, feminine form of the bow in a contemporary way. The contrast between smooth and rough lends further intrigue to the design. A symbol of femininity and strength, the collection perfectly conveys the connection between a mother and her child. The elegant ribbon-like design creates a chic statement to wear or share as an eye-catching tribute to the special bonds that bind us together.

Wear the series’ oversized charm alone on a smooth bangle to make a dramatic statement for day or night. And pair with the corresponding ring for a matchy-matchy look that speaks of old-school sophistication. Or tie your look together with multiple bows on contrasting bracelets for a more contemporary approach to styling. However you choose to wear, the bows of the moment are cool, big and bold.




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