Bucharest Airports passengers traffic up to a record of 12.84 mln (Demo)

National Company Bucharest Airports’ passengers traffic increased year-on-year by 17% to a record of 12.84 million, more than  European average, says the company.

Moreover, the development of passengers’ air traffic has been observed via an increase in the aircrafts’ flights, so that on the International Airport Henri Coanda  and on the International Airport Baneasa-Aurel Vlaicu were registered 130,000 departures and arrivals in 2017, by 7.7% more than the previous year.

„ The results that we registered in 2017, both from the point of view of air traffic increase, as well as from the point of view financial parameters improvement of the National Company Bucharest Airports, are the direct effects of the new managerial approach, oriented towards attracting new airline companies, the increase in the number of routes operated from Bucharest, the increase in the operation frequencies on the existent routes, and last but not least, towards the optimization of quality and  providing airline infrastructure,” said Bogdan Mindrescu, general director of the National Company Bucharest Airports.

National Company Bucharest Airports registered last year total revenues of RON 1.08 billion, by 8.3% more than in 2016, and a gross profit of RON 389.7 million, by 45% more than the previous year.

The National Company Bucharest Airports’ representatives say that last year was accomplished one of the projects of great importance for the infrastructure rehabilitation of the International Airport Henri Coanda Bucuresti, the maintenance and rehabilitation works amounting 67,228 sqm.

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