Bucharest Fashion Film Festival 2018 (Demo)


Bucharest Fashion Film Festival is the first festival of its kind in Romania, exploring the meeting points between fashion, film and advertising through screenings, debates and workshops.

The second edition will be held at Cinema Elvire Popesco, Point and Apollo 111.

The festival brings together some of the best contemporary fashion films and a selection of iconic films of the highest esthetical pursuit. The aim of the festival is to build a bridge between top creatives in the fashion and film industry, advertising agencies and design studios, creating new opportunities for collaboration.


The opening film, We Margiela (2017), is a documentary about the famous avant-garde fashion house and its leading designer Martin Margiela.

Machines (2016) addresses pressing issues of the fashion industry realities, such as the sustainability of this industry – one of the most polluting industries in the world – and the dehumanizing effects of working in a textile factory in southern India.  

The identity of women as a media construct, shaped by rigid beauty standards will also be the theme of a talk panel.


This year the festival is introducing an international film contest section for fashion films and productions from around the world will be competing for Best Fashion Film and Best Local Production.


The full programme and tickets will soon be available on www.bucharestfashionfilm.ro


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