Campaign for MagicHOME (Demo)

These are the last days when you can direct 20% of the profit tax for a noble cause – MagicHOME !

MagicHOME is building the biggest center in Romania for the parents of kids with cancer. The most sensitive and emotional social campaign ever done in Romania to support the parents who fight for their kids brought together more than 100,000 people, who each donated 2 euro by SMS. MagicHOME, a building of three floors situated close to Fundeni and IOB will be able to host at the same time 30 persons, for 365 days a year. The money needed to transform the building in a livable space, adapted to the needs of the people who will live there, are already raised. But the annual expenses will be about 150,000 euro.

For many companies, these days could be the last days when they can direct 20% of the profit tax owned to the state. Following the changes of the Fiscal Code, next year only the companies with a turnover bigger than un million euro will benefit from this fiscal facility. If you would like to support the projects of MagiCAMP Association (the summer camps or MagicHOME), you can go on or or call 031.437.82.69. Donations can also be done permanently, texting the word MAGIC at 8844, 2 euro/month.

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