Caring for Canines (Demo)

The Speranţa Foundation was founded in 1996 by Florina-Eliza Tomescu, and for over two decades has done everything in its power for abandoned and suffering dogs.  On the 17th of April 2001, the first major rescue operation for the dogs was launched. The Speranţa shelter team, joined by Vier Pfoten Romania, helped by save more than 300 dogs otherwise doomed to euthanasia by a newly introduced law.

by Vlad Neagu

Speranţa Shelter Foundation has worked hard for 22 years, striving to improve the lives of abandoned dogs.  Over this time, we have saved thousands of dogs from differing situations from human aggression, car accidents and diseases and today we are sheltering 600 dogs, including eight paraplegic dogs and many with special needs.

Our mission is also to raise awareness regarding the causes of abandoned dogs and to educate Romanian people about animals, nature and the human spirit.  If you come and visit you will find that the dogs we saved are not all stray dogs. People abandon even Saint Bernard dogs, Rottweilers, Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dogs, Bichons, Cockers and many more and sadly, adoption is at a very low level because some find it hard to take responsibility of a new member of the family, or they lack the space for a dog.


There are also fantastic stories, like the story of Biti, the blind dog abandoned in Bucharest, a story that has been shared over 1,500 times and reached hundreds of thousands of people. Biti, despite being blind, found a family in Constanta. The intriguing part is that his new owner is deaf. We can tell you that Biti is more than happy and has been living in Constanta ever since we took him to meet his new family. We are receiving photos of him from time to time and we are glad to report that he is well adjusted in his new apartment near the sea.  


The supporters of Speranţa Shelter are mostly based in Bucharest, Romania but also in other cities and abroad. They are constantly sending love through our Facebook page “Adapostul Speranţa” and with some donations that are helpful in supporting our helpers.


Sheltering 600 dogs is no easy job. It demands a lot of manpower and money. For that we are trying to make the best of our fundraising campaigns and events.  This year we started our first fundraising campaign with our participation at the most loved MTB Challenge in the Eastern Europe, Prima Evadare. Here, our supporters had lots of fun pedaling more that 50km, in order to support our dog shelter.


On 18th August our supporters will participate at the Transilvania Bike Trails in Sighisoara, donating their effort in a 78 km race to raise funds for Speranţa Shelter. The people that are doing this are not athletes but they were sponsored for the race and they donated their sponsorship funding to support our work.


Although the foundation’s needs are primarily financial, but there is also a need for more affection for our dogs. For that, we have started our volunteering programme where people can come to our shelter and pet the dogs, clean their fur and walk them. This is good therapy after a hard day’s work. We would be glad to hear from individuals or companies that want to know more about supporting our cause.  


See for more information or contact Vlad Neagu, at [email protected]   or call +40 721 017 017


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