Caring is Sharing (Demo)

Meet the Nod Makerspace people:

Ruxandra Creoșteanu, Co-CEO of Nod Makerspace


Ruxandra has been a member of Nod Makerspace since it’s very beginning in 2015 after getting in touch with the co-founders, Florin Cobuz and Tamina Lolev. At that time, they organised gatherings on the topic of a “collaborative economy”. They started with collaborative pizza parties and discussions on the sharing economy in the summer of 2015. Ruxandra and her Babele co-founder were the first non-makers members of Nod, aka ”the boring ones”, with only their computers, getting inspiration from the creative people working with their hands in the wood & metal workshops, or in the open makerspace doing amazing stuff.


Ruxandra decided to join the Nod team as co-CEO in September 2019, because the team needed a person with rich experience in management. Ruxandra studied at a top business school in France, worked as sustainability consultant at Deloitte, financial analyst at Axa Investment Managers in London and as supermarket manager at Carrefour Romania.

Ruxandra is passionate about the new paradigm of collaborative management, concepts she implements at Nod Makerspace. It’s a hard process creating a flat organization, but luckily Nod is already strongly creative and open towards new things. The new organization style she has implemented at Nod is based on self-management where members of the team have the autonomy to make decisions on their own, wholeness and evolutionary purpose. The organization is seen as a living organism, and the CEO is there to listen to the direction that the organization wants to take, not to impose their own strategy and vision.


Ruxandra came back to work in Romania to make a real difference, because she’s passionate about social business practices and the sharing economy. She is fascinated by creative industries and what Nod makerspace has created. She keeps everything functional and organised in order for Nod to thrive and have a continuous impact on the community it serves.

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