Castle Break resumes tours of lesser known castles and mansions in Romania (Demo)

The sixth edition of tours of lesser known castles and mansions in Romania, Castle Break, has begun on April 3rd.

Castle Break project offers visits to more than 20 castles, palaces, stables, curtains and mansions. This year, cultural tours bring to the public new patrimony objectives compared to those proposed in previous editions.

These include the Bornemissza Baroque castle in Gurghiu, the Ugron Castle in Zau de Câmpie, Bethlen Castle in Racos, Teleki Castle in Uioara, Pleşia Palace in Obrsia de Field and Queen Mary Palace in Balchik.

They will not miss the “star” objectives of the project, such as Bánffy Castle in Bonţida, Sturdza Castle in Miclăuşeni and Teleki Castle in Gorneşti.

In 2018, the Castle Break project will include a thematic tour dedicated to people and organizations involved in patrimony conservation projects. Named “People of Heritage,” the tour will include meetings with entrepreneurs, architects and other actors involved in the revitalization of cultural heritage, whether built or immaterial.

Cultural tours last 1-3 days and take place at the end of the week, from April to November.

The proposed itineraries include guided tours of extra-urban nobility, visits to local craftsmen and craftsmen. At the same time, it includes tastings of local prepared meals, outdoor meals.

Entries for cultural tours can be made online on the site Castle Break’s activity is based on volunteering.

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