Chilean Gastronomy Weeks in Café Athénée (Demo)

Starting 23 April until 6 May, join us in Café Athénée for a celebration of Chilean gastronomy, brought to Bucharest with the courtesy of the Embassy of Chile. Great flavours will entice your senses, as you taste some of the classic and most representative dishes of Chilean gastronomy like Ostiones con papas mayo, Empanadas Chilenas, Sandwich “Barros Luco” or delicious desserts such as Manzanas a la canela.

Chilean gastronomy stems mainly from the combination of traditional Spanish cuisine of the culture and local ingredients of the Chilean indigenous people, with later important influences from other European cuisines, particularly from Germany, Italy and France. The food tradition and recipes in Chile are notable for the variety of flavours and ingredients, with the country’s diverse geography and climate hosting a wide range of agricultural products, fruits and vegetables.

During the Chilean Gastronomy Weeks in Athénée Palace Hilton, guests will familiarize themselves with the traditional food of Chile, and taste the traditional cocktail Pisco sour.

For more information on the menu and Chilean specialties, access the event page:

Join us throughout the weeks of 23 April – 6 May, and enjoy:

·         Café Athénée – lunch and dinner – Chilean gastronomy specials, wine pairing and Pisco Sour Cocktails.

·         Roberto’s Sunday Brunch – 29 April & 6 May – Chilean corner including delicious specialties and Concha y Toro wine tasting.

Centennial discounts are applicable for Centennial Club card holders.

For reservations, please contact:

Café Athenee – [email protected] | 0754 026 649

Brunch in Roberto’s – [email protected] | 0731 305 777


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