City Grill Group invests 300,000 euros in refurbishing Pescăruş restaurant (Demo)

The City Grill Group invested 300,000 euros in the redevelopment of the restaurant Pescăruş on the shores of Lake Herăstrău, a project signed by the architect Mihai Popescu.

With an area of ​​1,400 sqm and a capacity of 900 seats (600 interior and 300 outdoor), Pescăruş Restaurant is the largest restaurant in the City Grill Group portfolio.

It was taken over in 2015, and this year’s arrangement represents the first major investment of the new owner in the interior of the restaurant, in order to turn it into a standard of modern Bucharest gastronomy.

“Pescarus is a restaurant with tradition, a destination space that attracts both a young audience and a nostalgic audience. The restaurant meets the expectations and falls on the growth path we thought 2015 when we decided to include this brand in the Group’s portfolio. We see a steady two-figure rise from year to year. In this context, our investment in rearrangement of the interior is the natural step to bring the restaurant into the spotlight, preserving its unique charm that attracts customers for several decades, “says Daniel Mischie, CEO of Group City Grill.

Investment project of € 4.2 million

The investment in the redevelopment of Pescăruş restaurant is part of the investment project in the development of the network of restaurants and restorations started by the City Grill group this year, with a total budget of EUR 4.2 million.

The concept of redevelopment and repositioning of the Pescăruş restaurant was developed by the architect and designer Mihai Popescu, alongside the Homemade Stuff agency, starting from the founding concept of the restaurant, that of Bucharest gastronomy.

The redevelopment works lasted for 3 months, during which the central piece of space was made, the chandelier type that stands out in the interior.

Starting this season, the menu of Pescăruş restaurant is signed by Chef Henrik Sebok and proposes a selection of international dishes, inspired by the current tastes of the public.

The restaurant is visited by clients of all ages, with 80% of the total public, the rest of 20% being tourists interested in visiting one of the city’s flagship destinations.

The City Grill Group is the most important Romanian player in the restaurants industry. Founded in 2004, the group currently operates 19 restaurants and cafes under the brands Caru ‘Cu Bere, Hanu’ Manuc, Pescăruş, Brewery Inn, Trattoria Buongiorno, City Grill and City Café.

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