Contemporary Cuisine with Romanian Flourish at Kane (Demo)

By David Shoup

The dining experience at Kane, billed by the restaurant itself as “an illustration of what contemporary Romanian creativity stands for,” is not one to miss. Kane just re-opened after a move to its new location not far from the Intercontinental Hotel, and its building is a masterpiece, matched by the interior, and of course, the meals. For Romanians and expats seeking a new approach to local cuisine, or visitors eager for a proper introduction to some of the best culinary offerings in Bucharest, Kane offers an ideal slice of mouth watering authenticity. 

Tucked away inside a beautifully restored interbelic house on the fork in the road at Strada Dianei, and just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Universitate Metro, Kane is the type of restaurant whose dinners’ visual presentation matches its unique, fresh, and local taste.

Make a reservation in advance online, and don’t worry about bringing cash; the restaurant is card-only. You can expect excellent insight from the waitstaff on the ingredients and source of every dish. While the menu, like much of Romanian cuisine, is heavy on meat, pescetarians and vegetarians can still delight in wide ranging and seasonal options. The white fish fillet is served very fresh from the Danube, well garnished with root vegetables.

Customers can expect to spend over 200 Ron for a meal here, but this is still a substantially good deal when one compares Kane’s prices to comparable restaurants in Paris, Prague, or even Budapest. For those, like this author, who have a tighter budget, the “Tasting Menu” is a good option for couple’s dining. The duck is extraordinary, lean and delicious. 

In addition to subtle lighting and a perfectly fitting ambient soundtrack, the presentation of Kane dishes cannot go unmentioned. This is artistic dining at its finest, and Kane’s new location contributes to its place as one of the newest points of pride in Bucharest’s culinary scene. Lastly, don’t skip the dessert.

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