Count Down (Demo)

By Dean Edgar


As this month issue has a “Women Power” theme I thought that I would highlight five Romanian women that I believe have a positive and/or negative effect in Romania. So, in no particular order at number 5 there is Gabriela Firea, the mayor of Bucharest and hater of all things Uber. Her impact on Bucharest has been pretty much nothing despite controlling a budget of over 1.1 billion Euros, nothing has really been done to make Bucharest better. Other cities have forward thinking mayors, such as Emil Boc in Cluj and Nicolae Moldovan in Alba Iulia. Great cities with a lot of intelligent investment. All that I have seen from Ms Firea is an attempted ban on Uber, plans for a monorail in Bucharest, delays in the new Metro line extension to Drumul Taberei, buying 320 buses at a ridiculously high price, kitsch-ness at Christmas time and Easter and not much else. She will no doubt make an attempt to become the next leader of the PSD as she didn’t get involved in last month’s PSD Congress, so heaven help us.


Next on the list is our new Prime Minister, Viorica Dăncilă. She is a prime example of the presence of nepotism within the PSD. She is clearly a puppet of the boss, Liviu Dragnea, and is not suitable for the important position of PM, both in Romanian and especially on the international stage. As she bounces from one scandal to another, she has risen to become the number 2 in the PSD.


Now for number 3, the outgoing president of Petrom, Mariana Gheorghe. She has been at the top of OMV Petrom for the last 12 years, where she has transformed OMV Petrom into a highly profitable and competitive international company. Hats off to her particularly in what is very much a male dominated industry. I wish her every success for the future.


At number 2 I have chosen Simona Halep. Romania has always had a great reputation for sporting heroes, both male and female. She currently heads the WTA rankings and is 1350 points ahead of Caroline Wozniacki in second place. Not only is she playing great tennis, she is also turning into a successful business woman. She has won over $20,000,000 and has been investing in hotels on the coast and around Brasov. Long may she continue to play great tennis and make great investments.


And finally at number 1, I have chosen Laura Codruța Kovesi, the chief prosecutor at the National Corruption agency. She has one of the most difficult jobs in Romania, and handles the constant barrage of threats and intimidation from the various divisions within the PSD with great professionalism. She carries on in her pursuit of the corrupt despite the many attempts to have her removed, so she gets my admiration and support!


I am sure that you, the reader, have your own thoughts on the 5 most influential women in Romania, today; I would be interested to hear them, or if your disagree with my choices, tell me why. [email protected]



Dean Edgar has been living the expat dream here in Romania for 11 years. He is General Manager of Moorcroft Services, a company dedicated to assisting foreigners to settle in Romania. They can help with visas, permits, company set-ups, car registration, house hunting, insurance, orientation tours and basically anything that a newcomer to Romania might need see for further details.

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