Covid Curate 2.0

By Sher Martelle-Climas

So, they say we’ll all come out of this lockdown divorced, pregnant or fat. Perhaps some of us will be a few of these? With these things in mind, I’ve curated some good links about what we’re up to with our bits, expert advice on how to just get along, and some seasoned know-how in the kitchen department… 

1. How’s your love life? You’d be forgiven if at this point in the lockdown marathon you’re feeling annoyed by the loud chewing of your dearest one. How are we supposed to want to get it on with the person who is already sort of on top of us you ask? The idea of COVID S.E.X. may make you giggle, but this is serious stuff. The New York Times has this covered. And The Midult affectionately calls it ‘Lockdown Lovin’. Read up, and get down.

On this note, if you, your partner or both of you need some help relating, A local Specialist may do the trick, and Truman Group specialize in distance therapy for Expats.

2. Greenpeace has 11 ideas for how we can still be friendly while flattening the curve.

Meanwhile, Romanian initiative #TuceFaciNow? (#WhatAreYouDoingNow?) is an awareness and responsibility campaign initiated by the School of Values. It reads better in Romanian and is intended mostly for locals. Intriguing.

3. As we have all discovered, flour & yeast are in shortage now, have been for weeks, and not just here in Ro either. That being said, the new international time-passing kitchen habit is…BREAD, glorious bread! Carbs are back, baby! And I can attest – with a little helping hand in the form of a FREE YouTube Tutorial it’s easy to whip up a sourdough starter, and enjoy a fresh artisanal loaf, in no time! Here’s a picture of my own 🙂 

*If you have a nice Romanian bunica around, she can likely help you with this – it’s an ages old practice

BONUS: If you haven’t yet seen these two items in your feed, watch & listen now. 

The haunting quiet of Suceava after lockdown.

Italy may have rooftop arias…Romania has this beautiful pan flute serenade

Have a great week! Clean hands, open hearts. xo Sher

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