Creative Neighbourhood -The Liveliest Weekend of the Year (Demo)

By Ada Popescu


This weekend May 19-20 is said to be the busiest, liveliest, most effervescent weekend of the year when it comes to creativity and creative industries. Even if you don’t have the tiniest creative bone in you, it might still be hard to not be touched by the general buzz that is going on these days in the part of Bucharest recently named The Creative Neighbourhood (Cartierul Creativ).


This neighbourhood is situated in the central area, around the Cișmigiu Park, contained, roughly, between the Calea Griviței and Regina Elisabeta streets. It has the highest density of galleries and cafes, designers’, architects’  and artists’ studios, museums and theaters, creative agencies, creative industries schools, hip little food and design stores.


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And this weekend they all open their doors to the public, in what could be named a mega synchronised movement. The main events are:


  • Romanian Design Week 2018 (RDW)

The main exhibition is held at Palatul Telefoanelor on Calea Victoriei, a design landmark in itself, being the country’s first tall building using a metal structure, in the late 1920s. 150 of the best design projects will be exhibited there between 19-27 May, 10:00-22:00.


  • Museum Night

A significant cultural event dedicated to the museum circuit and related events, Museum Night invites the public on Saturday evening,  May 19th, to discover this year’s cultural offer of museums, cultural organizations, associations and art galleries in Bucharest and in the country.



They all have a lot of connected activities too, from workshops to artist talks to partner events. You can visit a jewellery designer’s workshop here, a fashion designer’s studio there, have a conversation with professionals about the better planning and interventions for a more livable city in their planning offices, visit the Art University and mingle with the students and teachers, attend augmented reality art performances and gallery shows.


On top of that, because this is a unusual creative weekend, a few streets are closed to traffic these days and given back to pedestrians. The streets are Constantin Mille, George Vraca and Matei Millo, around Palatul Telefoanelor where RDW is happening and the cars are replaced with design, exhibitions, open air parties and conferences.



If you find a yourself a little overwhelmed with analysis paralysis, here’s a tip that might help you have a clearer view of everything going on in the Creative Neighbourhood: the gazette. The Neighbourhood has printed the first issuu of what is called the Gazette of the creative community around Cișmigiu area. It’s free and has the complete programme for May 19 and 20 and a map with all the hot spots among other things – but keep your Romanian speaking friends close, it’s not bilingual. Look for the colourful cover and get your weekend started!






Out of the Creative Neighbourhood there are more events happening, naming just two:

East European Comic Con at Romexpo in northern Bucharest.

RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania.


Going back to the Creative Neighbourhood, for a round ending, still creative but when it comes to words, The Bucharest International Poetry Festival will be continuing this weekend with poetry readings and performances at The National Museum of Romanian Literature mostly, but other places too.


Jean Portante (Luxemburg) reading, May 18, at The National Museum of Romanian Literature, 8 Nicolae Crețulescu



Public poetry reading, May 18, at “Carol I” Central University Library Auditorium, 88 Calea Victoriei

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