Creative writing workshop with Tara Skurtu (Demo)

Do you want to write, but don’t know how to get started? Could you simply use some inspiration?

Poet Tara Skurtu, featured in the January OZB magazine, invites you to join her for a weekend creative writing workshop called Writing from Memory, on Saturday April 21st & Sunday April 22nd from 11:00 to 16:00.

You will be guided through a series of fun, creative exercises to get you writing without thinking what if. Making use of personal memory (full of images, stories, senses, and feelings) as the basis for your writing, Tara says you will surprise yourself with what you produce: a strong draft of a poem or piece of prose that captures a clear moment of transformation and tells a story.

The second day of the workshop the poems and prose you produced will be read aloud, you will have lively conversations, and make suggestions for editing and revision. In addition, Tara will teach simple techniques that will make all of your writing—whether it be personal, professional, academic, emails, or even social media posts—stronger and more efficient.

The workshop is for everyone who wants to build confidence in their personal voice and writing abilities (especially in English). You will also feel more comfortable presenting your work to an audience.

Professional writing experience is not necessary. Tara says 99% of the people who take this workshop don’t consider themselves writers.

Registration Deadline is Sunday April 15th. For details on how to register visit Tara Skurtu’s website.


Photo credit: Cătălin Georgescu

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