Cyclical Art (Demo)

“The Feminine cycle” concept is a continuation of the artistic concept PORTAL-THE ART & SCIENCE EXPERIENCE by Anca Irina Lefter with the main purpose of making people reconnect with their own nature and inner world. Anca is currently exhibiting at the Renaissance Art Gallery, see for more information.

“I recreated a small PORTAL of PINK with two paintings where the spiral concept was again used. The spirals make people feel attracted to the painting, focusing on this geometric form, on the colours and in the end it transports them to a different state, it opens a door for their feelings (The PORTAL). Being a conceptual art designer, I also created a ballet skirt using as decorative elements tampons colored with pink paint.”- says Anca. 

“Feminine cycle”- Portal Art Experience, 100/100cm, Acryl Benjamin Moore on canvas

Anca Lefter was born into a family of artists in Tulcea in the Danube Delta. She is a complex artist: a painter, a conceptual art designer focused on conceptual bag design with the signature AIL and also a designer of accessories in leather and stage costumes with her signature collection Ch2 Vinyls.

“Orgasmic Splash”- Portal Art Experience, 100/100cm, Acryl Benjamin Moore on canvas

For more information follow Anca on the international art website ARTSY

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