Dacia factory celebrates half a century (Demo)

The Mioveni plant celebrated, on Monday, half a century from the production of the first Dacia car, during which the production of the Romanian automaker has exceeded 6 million units. 

According to a press release, on August 20 1968 the Pitesti Automobile Factory (UAP) was inaugurated. The first car of the plant was named Dacia 1100 and was a vehicle produced after the Renault R8 license. A year later Dacia 1300 was manufactured, which was to be the basic model of the brand for almost three decades.

Made in many variants (berlin, break, pick-up and even a two-door sport version), the Dacia remains in collective memory as “the car that put Romania on wheels.”

According to the company’s data, Dacia was established in the late 60’s following a collaboration agreement between the Romanian state and Renault. “Dacia returned to its roots in 1999, with the acquisition of the brand and the Mioveni plant by the French group. Dacia is today the largest company in Romania with a significant contribution to the Gross Domestic Product and to the exports of the country and with a a structuring role in the economy through a vast network of suppliers. Over the past five decades, over 6 million cars have been manufactured in Mioveni, “the source quoted.

In the first operational year 2,030 vehicles were assembled at the Mioveni plant.

At present, more than 90% of the manufactured cars are exported, such as Sandero or Duster being in the sales charts on the most demanding European markets. 

Part of Groupe Renault, Dacia is a dynamic brand in 2018, leading the Romanian market and expanding internationally. The industrial platform in Mioveni (Arges) currently has 14,000 employees, benefiting from modern working conditions at European level.

Dacia produces in Romania almost 350,000 cars per year, plus over 500,000 engines and more than 500,000 gearboxes, of which a significant part is exported through the Dacia Logistics Department and the largest center logistics of the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, the Alliance International Logistic Network (AILN). Engineering activity is carried out at the highest international standards at the Renault Technologie Roumanie engineering center, including the Titu Technical Center, inaugurated in 2009.

The Dacia range, composed in 1968 from a single model, currently comprises seven models , of which three (Lodgy, Dokker and Dokker Van) have been produced since 2012 at the Groupe Renault in Tanger, Morocco.

At present, Dacia is the largest company in Romania with a turnover of over 5 billion euros in 2017. The car manufacturer’s market share is about 30% of the sales of new vehicles.

Dacia models are sold in 44 countries on four continents, the main three export markets being France, Germany and Italy in the first half of 2018.

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