The WORLD EXPERIENCE FESTIVAL is the new concept under which the fourth edition of the Embassies Festival event will be organized this year, celebrating the world cultural patrimony, the organizers from Asociatia ESCU announced.

The event will be organized in the heart of Bucharest, during September 3-9, 2018, proposing a world experimental program under a creative sensory concept dedicated to the world’s musicality, helping the audience know and understand the cultural diversity through the comprehensive power of music and sounds.

More than 60 embassies, cultural institutes, international organizations and ethnic communities will attend the 4th edition of the Festival, whose theme will be The Sounds of the World. The festival is organized under the auspices of UNESCO and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with a main focus on the European Year of Cultural Heritage and the Romanian Centenary program, dedicated to cultural and creative sectors.

World Experience Festival, which has become a brand event in Romania, proposes this year a creative and innovative approach to the concept of experimenting the world and intercultural dialogue by outlining an immersive journey around the world about the sense of sound & music celebration. The event will thus be a meeting point for many cultures from various geographical and historical areas, from the Black Sea region, to the Eastern Europe and the Balkans and western areas up to the ancient cultures from Asia and Africa, this time under the sign of sounds, interactive art installations, exhibitions, conferences, cinema screenings and live performances.

The 2018 festival will represent a touching journey among sounds and traditional beats, introducing to the Romanian audience a soundtrack from several countries, represented through local artists, diplomatic missions, foreign cultural institutes, international associations and organizations, as well as by ethnic minorities and communities.

Moreover, World Experience Festival will promote a new perspective over the world diversity through music, while stimulating the cultural exchange among nations and encouraging mobility and international networking.

With 3 successful previous editions, the previously named platform-event, The Embassies Festival, managed to enhance the cooperation and cultural dialogue between more than 70 nationalities, represented either by their diplomatic missions, cultural institutes, cultural NGOs, international organizations, ethnic groups or even minorities associations. The World Experience Festival is a unique project through its specificity and has a huge cultural impact as it interrogates the possibilities of contact between cultures through very different artistic and authentic expressions.

World Experience Festival, shortly WE Festival, proposes a platform to promote multiculturality in Bucharest through the start of a concept strategy that will take place on a period of 5 years (5 editions), through which the audience in Romania will have access to a series of artistic events that will help them experiment various parts of the world through the five main senses. The first stage is dedicated to the sense of hearing, namely to music and sounds. In partnership with artists, curators and experts, World Experience Festival 2018 will answer the challenge to reveal the World Music idea in its most unexpected and contrasting forms, through which the audience will be able to discover a multicultural music rich in traditions, with many rhythmic influences, but which plays an essential part in bringing people together,” said Andreea Dănescu, director World Experience Festival 2018.

The activities of the festival allow free access for all the participants.

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