Dr. Alexandru Georgescu, Primary Doctor, Dental Implantology & Periodontics talks about changing people’s smiles and lives through implantology

“Being a specialist in Periodontics, Dental Implantology was the natural step forward in my professional evolution. As periodontitis is the most common cause of teeth loss, it felt professionally fulfilling to specialize in dental implantology and to be able to offer my patients the safest, natural and most biocompatible solution for replacing a tooth.

From the first encounter, my patients and I go on a journey together, designed to regain their confidence. When they come to me for implants, patients have sometimes already experienced the negative effect their dental problems have had on their social life. They want to regain their beautiful smile, their confidence, and, of course, full mouth functionality. At the end of the journey, my patients feel emotional, because the change is so significant. Some want to take a picture with me so that they can remember the moment which feels like a new beginning in their life.

I have been working with DENT ESTET for 17 years, and I’ve attended numerous international courses and trainings in dental implantology. For me, all this continuous learning is more than a duty, it means taking full responsibility for my patients’ trust. They put their trust in me when they enter the dental office with a health problem and they leave happy and healthy.”

How do you work to eliminate two factors that may keep patients from coming to see you: fear (because of many unknown pieces of information related to implants) and procrastination (patients waiting until they have almost lost all their teeth)?

We practice dentistry at its highest level. This means we offer modern treatments assisted by state of the art technology, like the computed tomograph CBCT, digital surgical guide, intraoral scanner, laser dentistry, all of which help us offer patients safe, painless, comfortable and minimal invasive treatments. The technological evolution in dentistry has also brought an unparalleled benefit for the patient, such as faster treatments and less time spent on the dental chair. So, with the help of digital technologies, the doctor can explain and show each stage of the treatment to the patient, making the final result predictable while the patient stays well informed. Also, for the anxious patients, there are controlled methods of conscious sedation that make the patient feel comfortable during the treatment. An important role can be attributed to the continuous dental education campaigns that DENT ESTET is doing for the benefit of the patient.

The one thing we communicate to patients from their first visit is the prevention factor. It’s not enough to treat a problem, it’s important to take good care of your smile and oral health, everyday, by brushing twice a day, using dental floss daily and visiting the dental office for prophylactic cleaning and regular consults twice a year.

What is DENT ESTET’s latest implantology protocol, and how will it improve the services you offer, as well as patients’ lives?

DENT ESTET is the first completely digitized dental clinic in Romania.

Because of the higher request for dental implants, DENT ESTET has created the Masterplan of Digital Implantology, a protocol that facilitates the access to premium dental implantology treatments in all our clinics.

Talking specifically about dental implantology innovation, there are now on the market extraordinary premium dental implants that provide many benefits to the patient from faster osseointegration and healing, to extraordinary esthetics. World-renowned producers like Straumann and Nobel Biocare, offer premium dental implants validated by many years of research and studies and also full mouth reconstructions in 24 hours with fixed prosthesis with lifetime and international guarantee.

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