DHL Carpathian Marathon for the fourth consecutive year alongside paralympic athletes (Demo)

On June 16, we double the level of adrenaline and align ourselves in the start with one of the most challenging mountain-running experiences in Romania, the DHL Carpathian Marathon! And this year, we are glad to have numerous ambassadors and supporters of the event, legendary sportsmen and public figures who believe in the dreams of paralympic sportsmen, the cause we support for the fourth consecutive year, and the unprecedented experience offered by a new location and a new spectacular mountain trail.

DHL Carpathian Marathon is an event dedicated to all the lovers of motion, both experienced and amateur runners, who want to have a unique experience, in a spectacular setting, Grădiştei – Fundata (Brasov County). All participants will directly contribute to the cause we support, as the fees accrued from the enrollments are totally donated to the National Paralympic Committee.

Registrations continue on, and for children and young people under 18, registration is free of charge. Running enthusiasts can opt for one of 42 contest categories at Marathon (42 km), Semimaraton (21km), Relay (7km – in teams of 3 or 6 people), and children aged 5 to 13 can takes part in the Children’s Cross, on a route that varies between 500 m and 1 km, depending on age.

Participants under 18 have more options to join this mountain adventure: Semimaraton, Relay, or Children’s Cross. The minimum age for registering in the available races is: 14 years for Relay, 16 years for Semimaraton and 18 years for Marathon.

Gabriela Szabo, Andreea Raducan, Constantina Dita, Miodrag Belodedici, nutritionist Şerban Damian, Sonia Silver Ionescu, Eli Roman, Dragoş Bucurenci, Andrei Roşu, Marian Drăgulescu and Chef Simona Pope are among the supporters of the 2018 DHL Carpathian Marathon edition. we will meet at the starting line on June 16!

“I will be at DHL Carpathian Marathon this year on June 16, where I will run to the relay category. I am glad to come up with a lot of news at this edition, such as a new location and new routes, but also that we keep many of the traditions of this event: supporting the paralympic athletes for the fourth consecutive year, the positive energy and joy of this event attract participants, supporters, sponsors and partners with us. I wish that in 2018 we have as many runners as possible, only so we can donate as much as possible to the National Paralympic Committee. We guarantee the participants an unforgettable experience, in a dream environment, and the joy of running and helping at the same time,” said Daniel Kearvell, General Manager of DHL Express Romania.

“I am delighted to be again the DHL Carpathian Marathon Ambassador, a so beautiful event with such a strong social cause! On June 16, I will be back to the starting line, like last year, to run alongside the other participants and together to support the paralympic athletes! They show us every day what the courage and determination is, it deserves all our support, and I appreciate them and congratulate them for their exceptional performance! “, said Gabriela Szabo.


“For years I have been supporting this wonderful event, and I always enjoy the impact of DHL Carpathian Marathon on runners and people willing to do good deeds. It is a great opportunity to help paralympic athletes to keep their dreams and perform, and I am delighted that we are fighting for them for the future of Romanian sport. We hope to join as many runners as possible on June 16th, eager to live an unforgettable experience and to go through spectacular trails! “, declared Andreea Răducan.

“I also joined this year to support the DHL Carpathian Marathon and I am very glad that the event continues to support the paralympic athletes! These extraordinary people are an example to all of us and deserve all our encouragement and effort! Together with all the running enthusiasts who will be on the start of June 16, we will be able to give these wonders wings to continue their beautiful journey and have outstanding performance at the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020! ” said Constantina Diţă.

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