Diplomatic Immunity

Sunday night is Valentine’s and for those who haven’t done a thing yet in terms of gifts/flowers or most importantly reservations you could yet pull off a great success by following these simple instructions carefully. Call Restaurant Diplomat, book a table, book a Black Cab/Uber and plan to dress up.

A strong contender for finest restaurant in the country The Diplomat oozes proper olde world class in a way scant few match. Set deep within Herestrau Park this restaurant has been around close on a century. Your driver will most assuredly know where to go, likewise where to come. The space is special and it’s not hard to imagine the various key moments down the decades that it has witnessed, the folks, the great and the good, it has hosted, deals done and more importantly for Sunday – romances stoked. It’s genuinely grand and as such social distancing is not an issue. The service is Rolls Royce and the cuisine on a different gastronomic level altogether. Prices are surprisingly affordable.

See Restaurant Diplomat on Facebook for contacts.

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