Discover the love for wine at RO-Wine, together with Cornel Ilie and Virgil Ianțu! (Demo)

For the third consecutive year, the wine is again the main star at RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania,  a premium event that talks about the elegance and the excellence of top wines.

The story is written this year by the event’s hosts, Marinela V. Ardelean, Liviu and Mihai Popescu, together with Cornel Ilie and Virgil Ianțu, RO-Wine Ambassadors, and all wine lovers which we are waiting for on 19th and 20th of May, at Fratelli Studios.

“I like the beginnings and I also like to learn. I am not an expert or a very good connoisseur of wine varieties, but I like the elegance combined, at the same time, with the relaxation that forms the ritual of a tradition that links friendships. Wine seems to me like a drink of educated people, of passionate ones, a drink for artists. I am glad to have entered in a new world, but old in the same time, and I am proud to be the ambassador of an elegant festival by definition: RO-Wine”, said Cornel Ilie.

“As we need education in any field, so I think that in order to enjoy a quality wine, you need to know its story, how it was born, what life it had and why you want to have it as a friend. I am delighted to be the Ambassador of RO-Wine, the festival that brings together storytellers, listeners and future wine friends. I hope we will appreciate together some of the most outstanding Romanian and international wines”, said Virgil Ianţu.

Over 350 top wines, carefully selected, are offered for participants to taste at this edition of the festival! The wine lovers will have a unique experience and will be delighted with many surprises, such as a VIP area, where they can taste over 100 premium wines presented by top experts in the field, but also with a special selection of Champagne, by 12 producers, a gourmet section, as well as the opportunity to taste the uniqueness of “extreme” wines.

“We will enjoy, at this edition, a special selection of “extreme” wines. Among them, there are wines made at stunning altitudes to the sea level or Hannibal or Omero’s favorite wines. At the same time, I am pleased to announce, for the first time, the RO-Wine scholarship as one of the most important news with which the third edition of the festival is coming! It is a 6-week scholarship worth € 10,000, in northern Italy, in Treviso, from September to October 2018, offered by GiottoConsulting in partnership with RO-Wine, through which we want to support and encourage future wine specialists. I can not wait to find out who will enjoy the experience of the formative program from Voldobbiadene, the most important spice wine district in Italy!”, said Marinela V. Ardelean.

The entrance to RO-Wine is based on a ticket, which can be purchased online from ( The price of a standard ticket is 50 lei. Those who want a wider experience into the wine’s world, will have the chance to taste over 100 premium wines, in limited edition or from private collections, if they choose a VIP ticket, worth 400 lei.


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