Discover VILA DOBRUȘA ESTATE – AVINCIS WINERY, a space of freedom and relaxation (Demo)

„Vila Dobrușa is a project of multiple dimensions. First came the desire to restore the memory of the family, afterwards, our project focused on winegrowing and oenology. AVINCIS wines combine the essences of this terroir and the light of sunrises, afternoons and sunsets. The subtle play of spatial forms, the unity between the Neo-Brîncovenesc style of the manor and the modern look of the winery, the constantly surprising alternation between stone, wood, glass and metal, the elegant design of the park, these are all an expression of the project’s metaphysical dimension. Whoever enters this space will discover a different Romania, a Romania of a work well made, of beauty and harmony,” as stated by Valeriu Stoica, owner of AVINCIS Winery.

Nowadays, the VILA DOBRUŞA estate, which opened its doors to wine lovers in the summer of 2011, comprises the manor, the AVINCIS Winery designed by the architect Alexandru Beldiman, which is distinguished by its modern and unique architecture, 43 hectares of vineyards, several hectares of forestland and the landscaping arrangement.

On the VILA DOBRUŞA estate, one can enjoy a unique oenoturistic experience. Book a tourist stay in one of the modern accommodation spaces: 9 rooms, 2 studios and 1 two-bedroom apartment with a total capacity of 26 places.

Harvesting of wine grapes at AVINCIS WINERY

Every year, starting with the end of August, the long-awaited harvest season begins. This year, grapes were picked earlier, around August 20th, starting with Muscat Ottonel, Fetească Regală, Tămâioasă Românească, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir varieties and the last one picked was Cabernet Sauvignon, on October 17th.

Fortunately, frost, early summer rainfall and hail did not affect significantly the areas planted with vines. The abundant sun and mild autumn allowed a better concentration of sugar and a good balance between flavors, the amount of minerals and antioxidants.

The team that handled the harvest did a great job, taking special care of the grapes, which were selected manually. The first evaluations of must give us hope that AVINCIS wines, both whites and reds, will be very good.

Taste the AVINCIS premium wines

One of the most pleasant activities at a winery is wine tasting. You will find out all the details about your favorite wines: how they are made, what grape varieties they contain, what dishes are best suited to accompany them.

VILA DOBRUȘA estate is a family viticultural property where you will enjoy the hospitality specific to a winery, with delicious home-made dishes, accompanied by the AVINCIS wines.

If you are passionate about wine and want to discover VILA DOBRUŞA estate and spend a weekend away from the city’s hustle and bustle, we invite you to discover the AVINCIS offer, which includes: 1 night accommodation in the chosen room / apartment, tasting of 5 AVINCIS wines of your choice, visiting the family domain and winery, dinner on the day of arrival and breakfast on the day of departure.

For customized offers (accommodation, wine tasting, events) you can contact AVINCIS by email at: [email protected], [email protected] or by phone: 0751.199.415 / 0722.332.867


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