Eden is Dead, Long Live Eden

So, good news and bad news: 

It is with no small amount of sadness that I discovered that over the course of this last dastardly 12 months Eden, the original just of Calea Victorei, has ceased to exist. It was simply one of the most lovely places to hang out with friends on a summer evening and, for me, right up there with the “loveliest bars ever”.

Time waits for noone, onwards, the only constant is change and so to the good news: Eden still exists, where another incarnation of essentially the same thing always did – Gradina Dorobanti, henceforth known as Eden. This place has gone straight into number one in the hit parade of Doug’s fave bars in Bucharest and it’s where I spent a delightful Friday afternoon recently with friends, in the sunshine, eating, drinking and talking. In keeping with the original, tunes are mercifully absent. Cherry blossom drifted into my beer, I didn’t mind. There’s an assortment of good cocktails, wines and beers and there’s a connected though separate food truck that does divine pizza and authentic Thai.

As a place to while away an afternoon that can effortlessly segue into a sublime evening of food and drinks it takes some beating. 

See https://www.facebook.com/gradina.dorobanti/ for more information.   

Photographs by David Richardson   

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