Edenred: 56% of Romanian employees spend less than 30 minutes for lunch break (Demo)

A study conducted by Edenred and GfK from 2015 revealed that 56 percent of Romanian employees spend less than 30 minutes for lunch break.

Many employees skip the launch break because they say they are busy finishing the work.

This week, 20 managers and entrepreneurs from companies with over 20,000 employees joined the Edenred project “Come at 1 to lunch!” showing by personal example that the lunch break is a necessary habit for a healthy life.

The campaign “Come at 1 to lunch!” is at the third edition and promotes at the Romanian workplaces the daily lunch break.

The managers of the participant companies Eurest Romania, Foodpanda, General Electric, Groupama Asigurari, Ibis Hotels, Kaufland, Macromex, Marco Polo Cee, Mastercard, Mcguire Woods, Novotel, Romania Hypermarche (CORA), Romstal, Salad Box, Sanador, Smartree, UTA Romania, took the lunch break out of office during September 18-22.

Besides the healthy and productivity benefits of the launch break, there is also the socialization benefit that reduces depression, says Edenred. This was also confirmed by the participants of this campaign.

„The lunch break is not only a necessity for healthcare, but also a social ritual that brings people together. This is why we promote the daily lunch break among employees. It’s a simple thing that has to be integrated in the social habits and the corporations and institutions’ culture,” said Dana Sintejudean, CEO Edenred Romania.


Edenred is the supplier of transaction solutions for companies, employees and merchandisers. In Romania, it is a supplier of meal tickets and incentives for more than 1.5 million employees.

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