Editorial – Vote! (Demo)

Douglas Williams, Publisher

May’s OZB is all about the upcoming elections for the European parliament.

We at OZB take no sides at all, we have just one message that we really want readers to take away from this magazine. Vote. Plain and simple. If you haven’t yet, and you are eligible, get registered without further ado and, on May 26th, go to your local polling station and vote for the person and party that you wish to represent this wonderful country in the European Parliament.

There have been some nasty surprises around the world delivered courtesy of voter apathy and low turn out. It would be refreshing to see the result truly reflecting the will of all of the people with the people truly embracing this opportunity to express their preference – for democracy to truly work with a massive turnout and the right result.

Young, old, male, female, rich, poor, gay, straight, black, white, urban, rural, tall, short, fat, thin, bald or frizzy… you get the idea… everyone eligible must really take the time to think and they must figure out what they want their country to be like. Once that’s done each individual must look at the politicians and parties and decide which is most likely to deliver that, and go and vote for that person, that party.

Dark forces have been at work around the world to skew votes, to hamper and hinder the democratic will of the people and it would be naive to think they are not hard at work right here and right now but this makes the imperative to vote all the greater.

As I’ve written about on these pages before the potential of this country is immense and there is evidently no shortage of wealth but, let’s be honest, there are problems galore. There’s a young, dynamic, educated, and eager population capable of drawing multinationals, but a tragic exodus has been underway for some time. Staffing is a major league headache for companies. There’s plenty of space, land, and a climate conducive to feeding everyone with plenty to spare. And yet there are far too many kids going to bed hungry. Cities beyond the capital are booming yet interconnectivity between cities is dismal. Tourists are queuing up to come here and spend their money, yet services oftentimes remain primitive and limited, while prime, old forests are being decimated. It’s great that folks can afford to buy cool cars but it’s less cool that it takes so long to drive anywhere… And what about renewables… ok, I could go on and on and you, dear reader, could expand upon this list to take up the entire magazine but this will have to suffice for now.

The point is there are people and politicians, out there who are working to take the country in the direction that you would like and there are others who will perpetuate or even exacerbate the problems. It’s imperative that you decide which is the former and get out on May 26th and vote for them.


O zi buna    

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