Elite Business Women rewards revolutionary women (Demo)

For the second consecutive year, Elite Business Women nominates and rewards the ELITE Woman – Revolutionary, in the categories of creative entrepreneurship, business performance, CSR, internationalization of business and responsible media, this year being helped in the organisation of the event by PA Services & Events (www.paservices.ro).

“ELITE Business Women is a revolutionary entrepreneurial education project where we dared and believed, we invested time and emotions for the simple reason, the Romanian society needs courageous entrepreneurs, successful models of young people with initiative. Through the events organized by ELITE Business Women, the women entrepreneurs managed to get to know each other, created close links that have transformed easily but surely into an international business community, present in 7 cities in Romania and also internationally in the UK  Portugal, Belgium and Italy.Bianca Tudor, founder of Elite Business Women.

The ELITE woman looks fundamentally different from that of previous generations. For the first time in history, we are able to embrace that our lives are multidimensional. We do things we like, things that inspire us and at the same time we build not only for us and for the community.

Here are our nominations, made by our team of ELITE Ambassadors, whose chairman is Mrs. Magda Bei, Graphtec CEO: Creative Entrepreneurship Category, Mrs. Rusanda Cojocaru, Founder of Bookletta, Business Performance Category, Oana Taban, Founder Dent Estet, Internationalization of Business , Cristina Bâtlan, founder of Musette, CSR category, Mrs. Melania Medeleanu, founder of MagiCamp and also Vodafone Foundation, Responsible media category, Mrs. Daniela Palade Teodorescu, editor-in-chief of Career Magazine.

The event is addressed to female entrepreneurs, diaspora entrepreneurs, career women in multinational companies and business men.

Topics addressed in the framework of the event:

Panel 1 Business Context

  • The current context of global entrepreneurship
  • Testimonials – Models of female entrepreneurs and how they succeeded in doing business
  • Useful tools and financing solutions for entrepreneurs

  Panel 2 Life & Work Balance

  • Life & Work balance
  • Nutrition & Movement
  • Obesity in children


Sign up for the event by email: [email protected], until 05.03.2018!

We also provide you with the event page at this link https://elitewomen.org/ele-au-reusit/



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