Events Of The First Weeks Of December (Demo)


Reimagining Migration
John Edwards / Mark Sanders /

When: December 7th
Where: ARCUB, Bucharest
What: Instrumental music

The Reimagining Migration project is inspired by the Romanian guitarist Sian Brie and Poland trumpet player Dawid Frydryk experience as emigrants in the UK.

Adapting to the new environment involves a shifting in mentality, a need to use time more efficiently, in practicable, functional purposes, as well as spending the days on building sites, and the nights waiting at restaurant tables. We faced both negative and positive discrimination to eventually realize that we have developed a behavior in perfect conformity with the label we have been designated with, thus the << live up to your discrimination standards>> attitude being born.” – Sian Brie

Reimagining Migration, the post-modernist project devised by guitarist Sian Brie, has its starting point in improvised music, to which are added schematic compositions serving as a frame for the artists to manifest spontaneous ideas. After attending the Conservatory in Bucharest, where he studies jazz and free jazz with pianist Mircea Tiberian, Sian Brie moves to Berlin. Here he meets and collaborates with important musicians of the Berlin jazz scene, such as Christian Lillinger, Horst Nonnenmacher or Manuel Miethe. Sian spends a year in Berlin, leaving afterwards for London, where he meets trumpet player Dawid Frydryk. They soon discover that the migrant experience that they both share, coming from the Eastern block, can overcome the language barrier.

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Alice In Wonderland

When: December 7th
Where: Sala Polivalentă, Bucharest
What: Ice skating show-for kids

Sala Polivalentă becomes Wonderland for a 2 hour extraordinary ice skating show performed by top Russian athletes. The classical story is adapted for ice and the storytelling includes compelling 3D projections and surprising costumes.

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 Gala Folk “Om Bun”

When: December 7th
Where: Sala Palatului, Bucharest
What: Folk Music (in Romanian)

If your knowledge of the Romanian language has somewhat improved lately and you like folk music, you might enjoy Gala Folk “Om Bun”, the most important and graceful folk event on the Romanian music scene.
Romanians have long appreciated folk music because of the subtle way it combines strong voices, poetry, message and melody. The public, consisting of people of the most varied of ages, participate in a very engaged way, making these concerts electric. Last years’ show was sold-out and was rated as “fabulous” by both public and critics.
This year’s Gala shows no sign of being any lesser than last year’s, with well known and loved personalities that have shaped the folk scene for many years: Nicu Alifantis, Zoia Alecu, Mircea Baniciu, Ducu Bertzi, Emeric Imre, Vasile Șeicaru, Victor Socaciu, Mircea Vintilă, Dinu Olarasu, Cosmin Vaman &Alexandra Andrei.

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The Royal Ballet The Nutcracker

When: December 10th
Where: Happy Cinema, Bucharest
What: Ballet Screening

If you missed the ballet show on December 3rd by the Russian ballet company  Saint Petersburg Classical Ballet, you can still view the famous Christmas Eve story at the cinema this time, performed by The Royal Ballet in London, choreographed by Peter Wright after Lev Ivanov, with the music of Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky.

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The Dire Straits Experience

When: December 10th, 11th and 12th
Where: Filarmonica Banatul-Timișoara; Sala Palatului-Bucharest; Sala Polivalentă –                                                        Cluj-Napoca.
What: Rock concert


Dire Straits celebrate their 40th anniversary of the release of the “Sultans of Swing” album with three concerts in Romania, between the 10th and 12th of December.
More than 20 years have past since the original members of Dire Straits have chosen to part ways, leaving behind many remarkable songs and live performances. Chris White & Chris Whitten, from the original members of the band, will be in Bucharest on the 11th but it’s not their first time in Romania, having sold out two other concerts in the past in Bucharest and Timişoara.
What made possible the coming together of some of the band’s members were the nostalgia of old fans, but also the demand of younger public to listen to their established rock hits.
They have reunited under the original name, for a charitable concert held at Royal Albert Hall in 2011. Mark Knopfler’s place was filled in by Terence Reis who, says Chris White, is able to sing like Mark but at the same time maintain his own identity and integrity.
Today the band plays under the name The Dire Strait Experience and the body of musicians it gathers contains artists that play alongside stars like Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker, Ray Charles, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Van Morrison and David Gilmour.
It’s a must see for everyone who likes good music and has a taste for history.

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Bucharest Gaming

When: December 12th-17th
Where: Bucharest, Romexpo
What: Gaming industry festival

BGW is an event dedicated to highligting the creativity of Romanian artists in the gaming industry with dedicated exhibitions and conferences, between December 12th and December 17th. The event is organised by the city hall through ARCUB and brings to Bucharest the most notable developers from Romania and around the world, esports aficionados and comitted gamers.
The main even will be held at Romexpo on December 16th and 17th when the finals of the Electronic Sports League (ESL) Southeast Europe Championship will take place for the ultra popular games Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Hearthstone, as well as the final game of Season 3 of the National Tournament of League of Legends.
Along with the pro tournaments, BGW offers a wide array of activities and experiences for gamers of all ages, from amateur tournaments and contests to hands-on sessions with the latest games and gadgets, Virtual Reality, mobile games, as well as meeting some of Romania’s well-known streamers and vloggers.
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