Fashion Days: what clothes and accessories the Romanians wanted in the second half of 2017 (Demo)

  • The most desired product from Fashion Days was a pair of UGG short leather boots
  • 38% growth in the number of products added to the Fashion Days’ wishlist
  • The average price of a product added to the wishlist is 245 lei

The Romanians desired more clothing, footwear and accessories in the second half of 2017 and have increased the budget for fashion, from 150 lei, in the January-June period, to 245 lei in the July-December period. Therefore, the number of products added to the Fashion Days’ wishlist has seen an increase of 38%, to no less than 2.3 million articles, valuing over 560 million lei.

With an increase of 63% of the average budget, the Fashion Days’ clients’ wishes reflect in the most expensive products added to the wishlist:

1.    Ceramical bracelet Rado watch – 89.289 lei

2.    Longines chronograf gold/rose watch – 35.790 lei

3.    Automatic Revolution Vulcain watch – 32.299 lei

2 out of 3 products have been added to the wishlist via the Fashion Days smartphone app, while the number of men interested in the latest fashion trends has increased from 20,5% to 26,5%. The average wishlist of women has included 29 products, whilst men have added an average of 19 articles.

Top 3 fashion articles added to the Fashion Days’ wishlist:

  1. Short suede UGG boots – 380 adds to the Wishlist
  2. Short brown suede UGG boots – over 370 adds to the Wishlist
  3. Nubuck and suede leather Zee Lane boots – over 330 adds to the Wishlist

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