Feast on Moonlight Breakfast (Demo)

I was first told about Moonlight Breakfast by my daughter’s classmate’s mum – great how these things work – and went to see them last year at a Full Moon gig where I was suitably impressed. They have a fresh sound that’s somehow also classic, eminently accessible and full of a quirky, cool style – very Bucharest. To me they represent modern, confident, international Romania musically and hence we tracked them down and got a wee chat for our first issue. I urge you to explore further – great summer time listening.  

By Douglas Williams

1.Where are you guys and how is your summer looking? What gigs have you got coming up?

We are writing this on a plane right now on the way to a Festival.

We’ve just finished the first half of our European Tour and we’re going to spend some time working on new material. The summer looks great, but then, so did the spring. I think it’s safe to say we love every season.

We do have quite a few gigs coming up.  We’re really excited about performing in France. We have our first Paris show on June 28th and we’re playing at the Europavox Festival in Clermont-Ferrand on the 30th of June. The next day we’re going to fly straight to where we had our first show in 2011, opening for Jamiroquai, at the H2O Beach in Mamaia. It’s become a tradition to go back there every year. There is more coming up, we regularly post concert information on our Facebook Page.


  1.  Have you got any albums on the horizon, can you give us a little bit about your back catalogue thus far?

We were just talking about not waiting so  long again before releasing a new album.

We released our first album, Shout in 2012 and in 2014 Motor Entertainment Germany did a reissue. We were happy, of course, since they also did physical distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and it’s a nice feeling to see your music up there on the shelves among your favorite artists, but that meant we had to wait for at least one more year before we could release anything new.

Time, is our second album, we had written the song that gave the album its title  long before it actually came out, so we are making plans for next spring for our third. If you’ve never listened to us before, that means plenty of time to check out our first two albums until then!

Meanwhile we are releasing a new single, Go Get It, and we also want to make available a REMIXES Album, as well as an Acoustic Album, so we’re keeping busy!


  1. Where do you come from, where did you meet, how did you get together? A little bit of backstory about you guys.

We all come from Romania.  We’ve known each other for a really long time. We’re family and best friends, so we’re lucky to be able to work with the people that we love. Bazooka’s parents were also his music teachers.  He studied clarinet at the National University of Music in Bucharest and then started playing drums in a rock band.  He was at one point a drummer in 12 different bands, so he has a lot of performing experience!

Adita is actually an actor. He had been a guitarist in a few bands, he had even played together with Bazooka at one point, but acting always came first, so we were really happy when he decided to become a full time musician.

And I was sure I would never be able to go on stage and sing in front of people, but six years later, I can’t imagine doing anything else.


  1. How would you describe your musical style and who are your influences?

We are going to stick with the description on Facebook as: urban, rough style mix of Soul, Electro, Beat, Nu-Jazz and Swing, though if you’re going to look for us on ITunes we’re under Pop.

Not really sure we can name specific influences, as we are and have been influenced by all the music we’ve listened to and loved so far, and that is a lot of music and diverse, too.


  1. What do you think about the Romanian music scene just now?

We are really excited about it!  We hear about new cool bands all the time. It’s where we started and we are proud to still be a part of the Romanian music scene. We’re always trying to upgrade, our sound or our show and we’re really happy we were able to do that with our last show in Bucharest where we worked with Les Ateliers Nomad for a new visual experience.

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