Filmic Series – Photo Essay (Demo)

Codruț Sebastian Neguț is a photographer and filmmaker based in Bucharest. After living in the UK for five years, where he completed a degree in visual communication at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, he went on to work as an assistant for some of London’s best-known photography studios. Codruț moved back to Romania in 2015 and began working for the critically acclaimed Bucharest-based Carioca Studio, which boasts an impressive list of commercial clients. His role in the company has quickly expanded from still image post-production to assisting on international shoots — from China to Dubai — and more recently helping to launch the company’s video department. Codruț is now preparing to launch his own commercial studio in Bucharest, where he will offer a full range of photography services — from production to post-production — to suit the needs of established and up-and-coming clients.








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