Flight Refund: Romania is ranked fourth at cancelling or delaying flights in East-Central Europe (Demo)

In East-Central Europe, Romania is ranked fourth at cancelling or delaying flights, a Flight Refund study shows. Last year, out of a total 203,403 commercial flights, Romania registered 782 incidents that led to unpleasant situations for passengers.

Poland ranks first in this top, Flight Refund data reveals. In 2017, out of 217,875 registered flights, 2,128 flights, or almost 0.9% of total, were delayed or canceled. The second position is occupied by Hungary, with 835 problem flights, representing 0.7% out of 116,624. The ranking’s next country is Czech Republic, with 1,246 canceled or delayed flights, 0.5% of total 249,457 registered races. In 2017, the Slovaks recorded only 28 canceled or delayed flights, with only 0.2% of the total 12,248 registered as incidents.

“We can note that, regardless of the number of flights or the incidents’ percentage, travelers in this region don’t know that they can receive such compensation. The percentage of people who know that they can ask for specialized help to recover their money is less than 1%. For Romania’s case, last year, out of the 782 problematic flights, roughly 500 were qualified for compensation, which means, that based on our estimates, around 22 million euros were virtually lost by those entitled to compensation.”, said Anikó Bolyó – General Manager Flight Refund.

Unfortunately, most travelers in Central and Eastern Europe don’t know that they are entitled, under European Regulation 216/2004, to receive compensation from the airline for flights made over the last 3 years, say Flight Refund representatives, a company specialized in obtaining passenger compensation.

In 2017, this part of Europe has become an important destination for many travelers, with traffic rising in all airport in the region. Last year, Otopeni established a new record, being transited by 12.84 million passengers. At short distance from Otopeni is Budapest Airport which had 13.1 million passengers and Warsaw Airport with 13.7 million passengers, plus the airport traffic in Krakow (5.8 million passengers). As expected, the airport which attracts the largest number of passengers is Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague, ranked the Europe’s fifth airport in the category 10-25 million passengers. The lowest traffic is registered at Bratislava Airport, which hosted 1.942 million passengers.

The Flight Refund service was set up in 2012 by two private individuals, the economist and communications specialist Barbara Schulhof and Tamás Doffek, private investor. What two have found that even regular passengers do not know what rights they have and what compensation they have in case of canceling / delaying a race.

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