Fly Go: Romanians’ holiday budget has increased by 30% in the last 5 years (Demo)

The sums that Romanians spend for holidays abroad in the summer season have increased on average by 30% in the last 5 years, according to an analysis of the online travel agency Fly Go.

The entry of several air carriers on the local market and the increase in the number of holiday destinations offered by them contributed to the opening of the Romanians’ appetite for holidays in less visited destinations and to the increase in the number of days spent on holidays. Thus, at present, the average cost of a summer holiday has reached 900 – 1,200 euros.

Although they still prefer mass destinations such as the seaside in Greece, Turkey and Spain, Romanian tourists are increasingly opting for less-visited destinations so far in countries and regions such as Croatia, Malta, Sardinia, Sicily or Corsica.

The duration of summer holidays outside the country is at least 7 days, often reaching 10 days. Romanian tourists prefer to go on holiday during June – September, which they reserve a few months before, with a peak of reservations in January and May. In summer holidays, 70% of Romanians access all inclusive services to enjoy with family or friends, as more than 90% of tourists travel in groups.

The Romanians’ appetite for holidays has grown in recent years, so now tourists go on average on two summer holidays. Further, they are willing to pay for increased comfort, so they opt for large hotel accommodation and allocate an average of 500 euros for extra expenses per stay.

“We expect the Romanian tourists’ budget for summer holidays to continue to increase in the next period, as tour operators and airline operators will introduce and promote new destinations on the Romanian market, while increasing the quality of services and the number of benefits it offers to customers. An increased interest in stays abroad will be felt even more as the technology gets bigger in the tourism industry, “says Stefano Iervolino (photo), founder and CEO of Fly Go.

In this context, Fly Go is launching a partnership with fintech Revolut, which offers revolute card customers a series of discounts on the purchase of airline tickets, hotels, full package holidays or car rental services . Thus, Fly Go customers who will use Revolut cards to pay online the services purchased from will receive services free of charge in the first month, and from the second month they will have a 20% commission on any service purchased.

Improving the experience of Fly Go customers from the moment of purchase of a service and throughout its development, whether it is an airplane flight or a complete holiday package, remains the main investment direction in 2018, with the company allocating a budget of 1.5 million euros.



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