Foodpanda: Vegetarians have ordered food online nine times more in the past year (Demo)

Officially, on October 1, the whole world celebrated the International Vegetarian Day, a food style lacking meat-based ingredients. According to, the largest food ordering platform in Romania, in the past year, the number of online orders with vegetarian ingredients has increased considerably by about 800%.

 “Romanians’ preference for vegetarian food has increased significantly in the last year. During this period, the orders for exclusively vegetarian dishes have increased nine times, which shows that the Romanians have started to pay more attention to the food style. In addition, the offer is more and more diversified, so many dishes that once cooked with meat ingredients today have a vegetarian version, such as vegetarian burger or vegetarian lasagna,” says Radu Balaceanu, Country Manager Foodpanda România.

The top of vegetarian dishes ordered online by vegetarian restaurant platform customers include: lentil cream soup, salad with five ingredients with halloumi, followed by vegetarian burger, vegetarian lasagna and Alaska mushroom salad. Also the average value of an order containing only vegetarian dishes is 47 lei.
According to foodpanda data, the top cities in which most vegetarian orders are registered are: Bucharest, followed by Cluj and Timisoara. Currently, foodpanda customers have 27 vegetarian restaurants listed on the platform across the country.
International Vegetarian Day has begun to be celebrated since 1977 as an initiative of the North American Vegetarian Society, a nonprofit organization.

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