From East to West – Ammar painting and museum carpets exhibition (Demo)

For the first time in Romania, Renaissance Art Gallery presents the carpets of Woven Legends (  made by Anka Cooperative, a social company that employs Syrian refuges women.

From East to West
Friday, 17th November 2017,  starting  7pm till 10pm

We are delighted to invite you to an exhibition that, apart from enchanting all the 5th human senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste), it will touch your soul as it brings into your attention two subjects that are dear to me:


The exhibition will reunite at Renaissance Art Gallery the paintings of the Syrian artist Ammar Alnahhas, who’s amazing colors are inspired from the colors of our country, Romania, where he lives since 2006 and also the wonderful contemporary handmade Turkish carpets that are the equal of carpets woven centuries ago. The company  identified with this renaissance that made possible for us to exhibit these amazing carpets is Woven Legends, whose weavings have been exhibited in galleries, museums and showrooms throughout the world.

The carpets were created actually by Anka Cooperative (, a social enterprise that  in association with Woven Legends empowers Syrian refugees by providing them dignifying work through the creation of fine carpets and traditional crafts.
Anka Cooperative’s mission is to create a path to self-empowerment for Syrian women refugees through the creation of fine carpets and traditional crafts.

SHIRVAN- 374,969 Knots, 132×192 cm
Handcrafted in Sanliurfa refugee camp with naturally dyed, handspun wool, this timeless tribal rug was inspired by designs from ancient Anatolia. With over 375,000 knots, this carpet employed and empowered women refugees for over 4 months. Geometric and lively, these colorful Tribal rugs contain traditional designs that continue to inspire. The balanced geometric shapes in this one-of-a-kind carpet will stand out in any home or office.

“Each person has two countries” – is Ammar Alnahhas statement now that he has relocated to Romania, coming originally from the ancient, beautiful  and historic country – today divided by civil war – of  Syria. Through his many exhibitions since his arrival in Bucharest, Ammar has become much-appreciated by collectors.  His art, in private collection from Europe to the Orient, does not change the way Ammar lives.  He creates with honesty and he has remained modest in his sole.
There is a Mesopotamian touch in his art, those cultural patterns Ammar came with from Syria.  They are now here in South-East Europe with colours of a different land, Romania, and its traditions.

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