Gault & Millau announces the 2018 awards (Demo)

At the Gault & Millau Gala, held on May 14, Chef Alexandru Petricean (Maize Restaurant, Bucharest) gets the maximum mark in the first guide in Romania: 15 points and 3 caps.

Alexandru Petricean was formed in the top restaurants teams, together with world-renowned chefs. Frantzen (Stockholm, Sweden), Central (Lima, Peru) or Noma (Copenhagen, Denmark) represent only a few of the gastronomes where Alexander worked and explored, assimilating not only techniques but also different perspectives.

At present, Petricean applies his own vision every day with his team in the Maize restaurant. Its philosophy focuses on combining traditional elements with innovative techniques, placing the local farm product at the center of activity. The result is a memorable creative menu that changes according to the seasonal ingredients relevant to the development of the  New Romanian Kitchen.

The Gault & Millau Romania 2018 guide, which includes 141 restaurants and POPs in 6 cities (Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Oradea, Brasov, Sibiu), was launched at the Gala & Millau Romania 2018. For the first time, Romanian restaurants have received notes and skins, and the resulting result connects them and makes them visible in international gastronomy.

“I see the investment in the Gault & Millau project primarily as an investment in Romania. A recent study by the World Tourism Organization shows that 80% of global tourism stakeholders consider gastronomy as an important factor in choosing a destination for a trip. It is clear that Romania is still discovering its gastronomic potential, and Gault & Millau is a partner that will support development in this direction, “says Alexandre Almăjeanu , founder of Gault & Millau Romania.

“This first edition of the Gault & Millau guide in Romania is a reflection of what we are and what we are proposing to do in Romania – partners for cooks. We want to discover and recognize their merits and support them to develop. The evaluation of restaurants was done with responsibility and respect for the efforts and passion of people working in this industry. The notation of restaurants took into account the quality of the ingredients, the techniques used and the suggestion of the binge, its vision on the menu. We were inspired at every step by the spirit of the founders, the journalists Christian Millau and Henri Gault, by their curious, constructive sense, and the launch of the guide is only the first of the projects we will be launching this year, “adds Raluca Hriţcu and Stefan Mortici, co- CEO of Gault & Millau Romania.

At the Gault & Millau Gala, awards were given for seven categories relevant to the local restaurant market.

Chef of the Year 2018

Nominated: Sorin MIFTODE: Le Bistrot Français (Bucharest); Alexandru PETRICEAN: Maize (Bucharest); Paul OPPENKAMP: THE ARTIST (Bucharest)

Winner: Alexandru PETRICEAN, Maize (Bucharest)

Great chefs tomorrow

Nominated: Roland SUCIU, Baracca (Cluj); Alexandru IACOB, Kane (Bucharest); Daniel PALICI: La Vinuri (Bucharest)

Winner: Alexandru IACOB, Kane (Bucharest)

The big chefs of tomorrow are chefs in full swing, which are very close to the peak moment of their career. The winner must be less than 38 years old and the prize is awarded once in the career.

The young chef of the year

Nominated and winner: Thomas PARNAUD, La Cave de Bucarest

To qualify for this award, young chefs must demonstrate talent and vision in training, obtain a mark between 11 and 13 and under 35.

Service Award: Best Chief of Staff | I tre d’h ô tel

Nominated: Adrian ENE, Casa di David (Bucharest); Ciprian BOCIOACĂ, La Vinuri (Bucharest), Marius DANCIU, Privo (Târgu-Mureş)

Winner: Ciprian BOCIOACĂ, La Vinuri (Bucharest)

The criteria of this category are: professional reception in the restaurant, knowledge of the menu, detail of the vision of the chef at the level of the presentation of the plates, the ingredients and the techniques used, the speed of the service, the adaptation to the client.

Terroir | collaboration with local producers

Nominated: Alexandru DUMITRU, Atra (Valea Doftanei), Oana COANTĂ, chef and manager, Bistro de l’Arte (Braşov), Ioan Bebeşelea, Syndicat Gourmet (Sibiu)

Winner: Alexandru DUMITRU, Atra (Valea Doftanei)

This is a special award that states Gault & Millau’s involvement in supporting the relationship between chefs and local producers, encouraging the farm to table trend and the use of seasonal quality ingredients.

Adrian Hădean received the gastronomy education award for campaigns like Eat This, the School of Cooks and Clean Plates.

Enotek, Paine and Vin as well as the Fish District were the POP Gault & Millau Romania selection for 2018.

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