Gault & Millau culinary brand launched in Romania (Demo)

The international brand Gault &Millau is the first gastronomic standard guide that will assess Romanian restaurants from a quality, creativity and authenticity point of view. The evaluation process starts this November, with representatives of Gault & Millau visiting restaurants in several cities. The results will be announced in May 2018, when the first official guide will be published in Romania.

With a tradition of over 50 years, the Gault&Millau concept appeared for the first time in France, in 1962, upon the initiative of two journalists with a passion for gastronomy, Henri Gault and Christian Millau. They decided to launch and independent restaurant guide and, since then, the concept has taken roots in 20 countries and has become a reference point in gastronomy all over the globe.

Through their specific criteria, Gault & Millau give restaurants scores between 0 and 20, which take into account the total experience of a visit. Restaurants which get at least 10 points will be covered in the printed edition of the annual guide, while the top ranking establishments will receive between 1 and 5 Gault & Millau toques. Also, the guide will include “Pop” restaurants – those which distinguish themselves rather through a relaxed and accessible culinary experience (wine bars, specialty coffee shops, gourmet pastry or food trucks) – as well as a special section for wines.

The guide will be launched in May 2018, during the first Gault & Millau gala to also recognize Romanian chefs who offer a sensational culinary experience, through a series of awards.

“We are happy to expand our family with the launch of the Gault & Millau brand in Romania, we wish to contribute to the setting of higher standards in the gastronomic culture of the consumers and in the experiences offered by restaurants; we also strive to build an authentic ecosystem. I realized that the Romanians are more and more interested in good quality gastronomic experiences and that there is an evolution of culinary concepts which Romanian restaurants and chefs provide.” said Côme de Chérisey, CEO Gault & Millau.

“There is a buzz of initiatives and interactions in the Romanian gastronomic field and people are more curious to experience new tastes and new recipes, whether they are local producers, retailers, restaurant owners, chefs in search of culinary excellence or consumers, increasingly interested in unique culinary experiences.” continued Alexandre Almajeanu, founder, Gault & Millau Romania.

Romania shows a desire to perform better and to evolve, as shown by the increased purchase power, improved gastronomic culture due to a wider access to information and openness to try new things, as well as the emergence of restaurants which are focused on the quality of the culinary experience and of chefs who aim high in the profession.

The experience of Gault & Millau in other countries in the region, like Poland and Hungary, is a good indicator of the speedy development of the gastronomic offer and industry standards.

Along with the evaluation of restaurants according to a European standard, Gault & Millau aims to recognize and contribute to the specific local traits, in an attempt to capture a complete picture of the gastronomic universe of nowadays Romania. All information will be available on the official guide, as well as on and the mobile app which will be available in Romania starting November, where the restaurants will be able to register and update their details for the customers.


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