Give a second chance to new or like-new clothes with “Sell to Remix” service (Demo)

Summer is coming soon, therefore it’s time to refresh your style and make space for new branded fashion items. But what can you do with new and almost new clothes you do not wear anymore or you didn’t wear at all? Now you have the chance to sell them to Remix Second Hand.

“Sell to Remix” service was launched last year and it has been very well received by the Romanian public. Besides Romania, the service is also available to the public in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, and Poland. The idea behind the service is to give a second chance to your clothes that are like new. The initiative is aimed at everyone who has beautiful garments and accessories in their wardrobe that they no longer wear, or have never worn for one reason or another, and gifting, donating or reselling them is a time-consuming and difficult task. Besides, you get to make some extra money on the side from items that were just hanging in your wardrobe or closet.

The process is quite easy: request a REmix Bag via your profile on and it will be delivered free of charge, fill it with garments that fit the criteria described on the website, ship it back to Remix, again for free, and it will get sorted and evaluated. The approved products will be photographed and published for sale. Once sold, their owners will receive a percentage of the sale price, which they can then withdraw into their bank account or spend on for some new fashion additions to the wardrobe.

Last month, Remix brought new changes and improvements to the service: introducing a new Premium Service that allows users to receive back the unapproved items after the REmix Bag has been processed by the Remix team; previously the user could only do that at the stage of requesting the courier to pick-up their full REmix Bag.

Another great improvement of the service is the option for the user to modify the price of each approved product by lowering it or increasing it with up to 30%. uploads over 15.000 beautiful products every day, maintaining an offer of over 250.000 products online from more than 5.000 brands all the time. Moreover, Remix has a reverse online auction – the prices unsold items fall with -5% every day at 4 pm, down to -60%. Additional promotions and discounts are offered on daily basis. In this way the company puts some excitement in their online store experience, because shopping should be a fun experience for every fashion lover.

The brand promotes sustainable fashion and encourages people to “reuse. reduce. remix”, while maintaining their individual style. Thus, once you choose to buy from or to sell to Remix, you care for the environment.

In October 2012, Remix Second Hand launched in Bulgaria with around 1000 products. Almost five years later, in July 2017, the company uploads 15 000 products daily and maintains an offer of at least 100 000 products from 5000 brands at all times. Since the launch, the revenue has grown 3.5 times on average annually. Two years ago, the company received an 8 million investment from Mezzanine Management, one of the leading investment funds in Central and Eastern Europe.

The expansion to new markets started in 2014 with Greece and Romania. It continued to Poland in 2015 and Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic in 2017. Since the beginning of 2018, Remix operates in Germany and Austria as well. Remix serves all foreign markets from its offices in Sofia.

Remix Second Hand is one of the leading online second hand retailers in Europe. The company focuses on two growing market segments – second hand fashion and e-commerсe. In 2012 the company launched in an unexplored niche, as Europe had no sizable second hand online stores.

High-quality second hand fashion is sourced mostly from USA and Western Europe, but Remix plans to expand its operations to source products from its clients, furthering the idea of recycling garments, by giving them a second chance and prolonging their lifespan. Fashion is currently second after the oil industry in global warming contribution and the company stands firmly behind its motto to reuse, reduce, remix, in opposition to the global trend of mass-produced, poorly-made and trend-driven clothing to only last one wear.


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