Governance (Demo)

By Douglas Williams, Publisher

Waow, what a summer this is turning out to be for Romania and for Romanians! Simona Halep, Romania’s sporting sweetheart, comprehensively demolished Serena Williams, arguably the greatest tennis player ever, to win the Wimbledon final. Not only was her emphatic, sub-one-hour Grand Slam victory peppered with astonishing, athleticism and shots but her victory speech was modest, sincere, warm and packed with a graciousness that made all Romanians justifiably glow with pride.     

This issue of OZB we are turning up the green to 11. Maximum green. Not in a despairing way (breath a sigh of relief now), more in a “can barely contain ourselves” excited sort of way. Ok, ok, too much, but it is happening folks, despite all the doom and gloom we’re relentlessly bombarded with, and it’s happening right here and right now. 

But what’s the “it” to which I refer? Ok, well it’s nothing short of a revolution and this time the revolution is in the means by which we power ourselves, keep ourselves warm, cool ourselves, move ourselves around, cook, light, charge our phones etc. basically everything. 

Let’s rewind momentarily – remember the days when you would take a photograph, develop the camera film at a pharmacist, collect the photographs, stick them in an envelope, apply a stamp and put the letter in a letter box to send to someone? The whole process could take weeks and cost a pretty penny. Doesn’t seem so long ago… (To me anyway…) And now? You can take a half decent quality movie and send it to the other side of the world from the middle of nowhere in the time it takes to say “I thought the bears were hibernating”. I predict that within a smaller time-frame the whole way that we power our lives will be hardly recognisable. Future generations will look back in disbelief, aghast at the way we’ve been doing things, running things, killing the planet. 

Minor tweaks in mentality and infrastructure are all that are now required to go full green and despite the most powerful forces’ opposition things are happening all around us and momentum is gathering. The luddites cannot hold back the tide.

This vital revolution requires governance with vision – the type that governs and implements changes that benefit not just this generation but generations to come, the kids of 2050. 

It is important that we each take responsibility for our own individual actions but let’s face it cutting out straws isn’t going to cut it. Our responsibilities are to choose the leaders who are prepared to facilitate this revolution and we must hold these leaders to the strictest accountability on this matter above all others.

We need leaders who will drive the change: away from the current planet killing carbon economy towards the circular, renewables economy and these individuals need to, by definition, actually lead. We must also ensure that those that don’t do this get out of the way without further ado.

Read what Nicu Stefanuta, bright young USR MEP, has to say on these matters in his interview with my colleague David Shoup. Read also about the massive, new subsidies available for domestic solar power installation as well as steps being taken to promote energy efficient, new building practices and our step by step guide to transforming Bucharest into a properly bike-friendly city. There’s even the story of how a formerly depressed, ex-mining area has been rejuvenated. Our colleague Dana Tudose-Tianu explores family mediation, the much loved Cotroceni area of Bucharest and even adds a sprinkle of Romanian romance.  

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