Halewood Wines & Spirits launches in Romania a premium craft beer brand (Demo)

Halewood Wines & Spirits, a subsidiary of Great Britain’s largest independent alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages producer, announces the extension of its portfolio of wines and spirits with brand new premium craft beer brands. Sadler’s beers are produced in UK and have a history of over 100 years.

 Based in 1900 in Oldbury, United Kingdom, Sadler’s is a family business, now run by the fifth generation of family brewers, that produce quality craft beers. The unique taste of Sadler’s beer is given by the variety of hops and premium ingredients.

 Sadler’s portfolio includes Signature Ales range, with six carefully selected Ale beers, among which Peaky Blinder, Worcester Sorcerer and Hop Bomb, complemented by a seasonal Craft Ales range, including Mud City Stout – winner of numerous awards – and the red beer Red IPA. Sadler`s beers will be found on the Romanian market both in HoReCa and in the big retail networks. Craft beer is part of a world-class current that emphasizes the return to origins through the consumption of products that use natural ingredients and are made by traditional methods.

“We are proud of our history and the fact that we are rewarded brewers in these exciting moments where craft beer market is advancing. We are a family business and we will continue to produce quality beers that are interesting and innovative for our customers. We are proud of our partnership with Halewood Wines & Spirits, which gives us the opportunity to expand worldwide. We are confident that the Romanian market will appreciate our beers, especially in this context where craft beer category benefits from sympathy and a growing demand”, declared Chris Sadler, Managing Director Sadler`s.

We are glad to introduce Sadler’s beers on the Romanian market. The passion we put into producing our wines, the handcrafted spirits we distribute locally from the UK go so well hand in hand with these craft beers that have such great heritage. We are optimistic that the new beers will soon gain appreciation on the local market, especially since the beer breed is growing worldwide and in Romania as well”, declared Paul Murden, General Manager Halewood Wines & Spirits România.

 Sadler`s portfolio: beers from high quality hops

Peaky Blinder is a Black IPA beer based on 5 different types of malt and 5 different types of hops. Creamy pasta, burger and smoked ribbons are some of the dishes that match the best this type of beer.

Worcester Sorcerer is an authentic Golden Ale Best Bitter British beer made from English Hopshires hops. As for the culinary associations, specialists recommend serving it alongside chicken, ham, fish, and Asian cuisine.

Hop Bomb is an American beer made from Amarillo and Citra hops, whose malt base is enriched with strong hops and is perfect alongside chicken, barbecue and Indian cuisine.

In addition to the Signature Ales range, two Sadler’s “seasonal” varieties are available on the Romanian market – for the autumn and winter.

Mud City Stout is based on cocoa beans, vanilla, oatmeal, wheat and a mixture of dark malts, worth enjoying in winter, next to meat, cheese, crustaceans and chocolate cake.

Red IPA has passion fruit and mango flavours, with a resinous hops character. It is made from American and Australian hops and is recommended next to Indian curry, Mexican or grilled meats.

Halewood Wines & Spirits Group is the largest independent producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages in the UK, with a history of over 35 years on the market. In Romania, Halewood Wines & Spirits owns over 350 hectares of vineyards, planted in 2002-2009, in some of the country’s most representative vineyards, including Dealu Mare and Murfatlar. Halewood Wines & Spirits wines portfolio includes brands such as: Floare de lună, Floarea Soarelui, Prahova Valley, Byzantium, Hyperion, Theia, Kronos, Neptunus, Rhea. The wine portfolio is complemented by Whitley Neill Gin, The Irish Whiskey, West Cork Irish Whiskey, Crabbie’s Original Ginger, John Crabbie, Beer (Sadler’s), as well as water (Willow Water).

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