Half of the Romanians who go on holiday for St. Mary are on the second vacation this summer (Demo)

St. Mary’s holiday makes the Romanians go away again, filling the hotels and hostels in the country, so tourists who have decided to go to the mountains or the sea in the last few days have little chances to find places available. 

For about 50% of Romanians who will spend the five days off at a domestic or non-domestic destination, this is the second summer vacation, according to an analysis by the travel agency Christian Tour, the largest tour operator on the local market. The most sought-after destinations in this period are the Romanian seaside, the Danube Delta, the balneo and mountain resorts, but also the Bulgarian seaside, the Greek islands and Egypt.

“The Romanian seaside is the first option for the St. Mary’s mini holiday, and because of the seafront events on August 15, when the Navy Day is celebrated. The Black Sea resorts are so demanded during this period that any free room that is displayed is reserved in no more than two minutes. That’s why hotels in the Black Sea resorts will be filled in the five-day mini holiday, “says Raluca Hatmanu, director of communication for Christian Tour. Second, the Danube Delta is the top spot, where the occupancy rate is close to 100%. In the domestic tourism area, spa resorts are greatly gained, which are sought during this period of relaxation and less for treatment. Mountain resorts and agro-tourist areas are equally popular.

The seaside is also the first option of the Romanian tourists when it comes to foreign destinations. Thus, Bulgaria, the Greek islands and the resorts of Egypt are among the top searches for the St. Mary’s mini holiday. In Bulgaria, 4 and 5 star hotels with all inclusive are selected from the Golden Sands Resorts, Albena, Sunny Beach, where the night price starts at 28 euros per person and reaches 75 euros per person. Greece is also extremely demanded during this period, and many tourists take advantage of Last Minute offers to go to the mini holiday. In terms of rates, they start from 133 euros per person, which provides 7 nights without breakfast in a villa in Parga.

“Egypt is another great destination, so Christian Tour has decided to introduce another weekly flight from Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest to this country. Thus, the travel agency currently operates three flights from Otopeni: two to Hurghada and one to Sharm el-Sheikh,” added Hatmanu. The interest of tourists for cultural circuits has grown, Istanbul being the most desirable destination. Also, in the weekend, many Romanians will travel in circuits in the Scandinavian countries, Italy, Cappadocia (Turkey), Croatia or Austria. Employees in the public sector will have a five-day minivacation from August 15 to August 19, after the government has adopted a decision that August 16 and August 17 will be non-working days in the public system. In addition, some private sector employees also benefit from additional days.

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