HE Prince Charles is back at Viscri (Demo)

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales visited the Foundation that carries his name in the village of Viscri on Thursday, a house since 1700, where he met with small farmers and craftsmen from Romania, discussing ingredients, how to prepare and selling, as well as the problems they face. 

Prince Charles’s visit had a central meeting with 30 farmers and producers, but also with the former kayak champion Ivan Patzaichin,  founder of the charity foundation called Mila 23, which supports the patrimony, gastronomy and tourism in the Danube Delta.

The Prince of Wales tasted several products, including pine nuts, pork sausages, bread, cheese, carp preserved, and was greeted in the courtyard of the house with a café concert music performed by the Intermezzo Quartet in Sibiu.


Among the products exhibited on the occasion of Prince Charles’s visit were: black fruit sauce, cold pressed oils, sausages, pastrame, palinca, honey, turmeric and peppermint bread, cake, fish products, horn junction, shock and rhubarb, jam of roses, compotes, cheese, fruit juices.

The Prince of Wales Foundation Executive Director, Aura Woodward, said Prince Charles’s meeting with small producers and farmers was meant to show the potential of Romanian agriculture.

“In the last year, the Prince of Wales Foundation conducted a poll in five historical regions of the country: Transylvania, Bucovina, Danube Delta, Maramureș and Banat, to identify healthy food that shows the potential of Romanian agriculture. In Romania, there are 9 million people who live in the countryside and many of them live in poverty or on the poverty line and try, through the foundation, to find programs to help them develop small businesses, create places work and of course farmers are an important segment, “said Aura Woodward.

Last year, the Prince of Wales Foundation Romania, in partnership with the Slow Food Association and the Romania 100 Platform, started a project to identify all natural products producers in Romania.

The Prince of Wales Romania Foundation was founded three years ago. The organization supports the preservation of cultural heritage, agriculture and sustainable development. Each year, the organization offers training courses for restoring historic buildings, revitalizing old crafts, and stimulating small businesses.

The headquarters of the Foundation are set in a house built in 1700, which has been transformed into a training center and boarding house. The old barn of the building became a reading room and a café. The house is open to tourists for a limited period of time.

The Prince of Wales Foundation is based in the village of Viscri in Brasov County, a UNESCO heritage site.

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