Hello Inner Child (Demo)

by Anca Botez


Last night, I was sitting in front of my laptop, with my chamomile cup of tea deciding what on Earth am I going to write about. Why? Because it’s December, the most magical month of all! For me, December is a very special month because my son Mark was born three days after Christmas. Therefore, during every Festive Season we celebrate Life, Love, the birth of Jesus and also bonding and connecting with our families and friends.


I am wondering how many of us focus on self-care and self-love during this busy month, do we do something for ourselves?


The last few weeks I have lived through some deep spiritual experiences and my energy today was definitely not anchored in Neuro-linguistic Programing techniques, but in my heart I was ready to radiate some magic and to connect us with our inner child. This question is for you, beautiful Soul, my dear reader: are you connected with your inner child?

Well, let’s go together on a self-discovery journey and find out! Get your cup of tea first, put your Santa socks and get cozy under your fluffy blanket.


In the November issue, I wrote about us parents being the inner voice of our children, but this month’s article is about us. It’s about reconnecting with yourself and getting back the parts of your soul you’ve left behind in your adult life, during your adolescence when you faced disappointment or traumas or maybe during your childhood when you felt insecure and vulnerable. Inside each of us lives this inner child and she or he influences the decisions we make, the quality of our lives and how we talk to ourselves. Most of the times we want to avoid situations that bring us emotional suffering or discomfort, so we ignore or we reject this wounded child.

Your inner child is the child you once were.

During our adult life, the inner child needs our nurturing, attention, moral support and of course to be treated with compassion, unconditional acceptance and love. So how do you know if your inner child is wounded? First of all this is reflected in low self-esteem, you adopt a “victim” attitude or you are always in competition with others, you don’t trust yourself or the people around you, you are emotionally dependent on your partner or you have commitment issues, you struggle with addictions like alcohol or drugs.


Now, how can we heal our inner child?


The inner child always whispers to ourselves that it is time to come home, and when we have an open heart, we can hear the message with clarity. In a present and mindful state, we are like an open channel ready to hear the inner child who asks for help. This young soul needs to be acknowledged, so talk to her or him: “My dear inner child, until now I neglected you and I ignored you. Starting today I am here to protect you, to take care of you with love and compassion.” I also love to add the Ho’oponopono mantra: “I love you/I am sorry/Please forgive me/Thank you.”  This is how the healing process is initiated and it will unfold naturally at your own pace and in your own time.


Love is the most powerful healing tool and working with our inner child helps us to unblock painful memories from childhood and adolescence related to anger, fear, suffering, sorrow or physical or emotional trauma.


Reconnecting with pictures, songs, games and books from your childhood also helps. So bring back all those things that brought you joy, fun and laughter as a child, especially during holiday and birthday celebrations.


This December, as you enjoy time with your loved ones, remember how lucky you are to be alive, to be present, to be in good health, surrounded by family and showered with care and love.  Yes, you are your inner child…


Have a Mindfulness Christmas, dear all! Merry Christmas!

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