“Hide and Seek”, a new exhibition by Iulia Toader at Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest (Demo)

InterContinental Bucharest and Renaissance Art Gallery continue the series of painting exhibitions to promote young Romanian painters, at the Intermezzo Lobby Lounge. Starting with 1st of November, the talented Iulia Toader will expose ‘Hide and Seek’, a collection of paintings inspired by childhood. 

M. Arh. Iulia Toader- architect and artist, has been working in interior architecture for 14 years, with experience in renovation in the classical and eclectic domain. She has a BA in architecture from the University of Architecture Ion Mincu Bucharest and fuer Baugeschichte Karlsruhe Institute, together with qualifications from the School of Popular Art. Three years ago, she started exhibiting her paintings and drawings locally and internationally. Her last exhibition took place at Renaissance Art Gallery and was titled “The Golden Age”.

In her second exhibition with Renaissance Art Gallery and in partnership with InterContinental Bucharest and OZB Magazine, Iulia’s collection of childhood paintings reveals the artist belief that the universe of childhood is always an artwork in itself, being perceived through the adult eyes, and never directly by the children, as they are in a continuous alpha state, that is evanishing when they are starting to grow up.

‘I am happy to organize this first launching event in partnership with Renaissance Art Gallery and OZB Magazine, especially because this proves that Intermezzo Lobby Lounge became a trustworthy art stage for young talented artists, a space for quality gatherings in the heart of Bucharest, considering this is the fifth exhibition since we opened this chic spot in our hotel lobby.’ stated Lior Bebera, General Manager at the InterContinental Bucharest.

“Hide and seek” is such a familiar game for all children; scientific speaking, it looks like a behavioral coaching for facing or experiencing the adult world. Adult human beings belong to complex social systems where ideas, characters, desires, all phenomena of existence, are all pieces in an apparently chaotic game, but with a clear causality, a universe in itself, a game where all phenomena- our perception about objects- and noumena- the object itself- are hiding and constantly revealed.I believe that the beauty of the game resides in that that hiding, mystifying, is a necessary pre-conditioning of finding truth, of revealing.
As an art work, childhood is always a phenomenological reflection of the inner world of the adult observer. A universe that is intentionally evanescent and peaceful, but which at a closer look, hides imminent danger. We are all prisoners in this universe, our own childhood, our children’s’, and it really is the mirror of our own spiritual existence.

Art lovers can admire and purchase paitings signed Iulia Toader between 1st- 28th November, 2018.

For details about the artworks and the exhibition you can access the website of Renaissance Art Gallery http://www.renaissance-artgallery.com/exhibitions/future_exhibition and the Internationally  website ARTSY, as Renaissance Art Gallery has been accepted as a member partner,  Iulia Toader being one of its represented Artists: https://www.artsy.net/artist/iulia-toader/shows

For more information on Iulia’s work please contact Oana Visoiu at [email protected] or 0722381325.

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