If It Makes You Happy Just Do It! (Demo)

By Dana Tudose-Tianu

  1. Make Kaleidoscopes at one of Veronica Soare’s workshops

There aren’t too many people in the vast world of Bucharest culture who haven’t heard of Veronica Soare and her fundraising journey on the El Camino de Santiago.

But not everyone knows that she also helps spread happiness by teaching people how to make kaleidoscopes.

In 2014, Veronica started minuni.ro, a personal fundraising and volunteering project launched after she decided to do more to empower people to donate money, time, know-how for worthy causes.

She organized several charity events, each time for another beneficiary (MagiCAMP, Touched Romania, Teach for Romania, Children’s Heart Association, Clean Hospitals Association, Heart of Children Foundation).

The 40 days she spent walking on El Camino (910 km), in 2016, were meant to raise funds for the Heart of Children Association.

Veronica’s mission is all about spreading happiness. She has been running Kaleidoscope-making workshops, called Kaleidolove, for four years now, catalyzing the emotions of joy for corporate teams and individual happiness-seekers equally. Her workshops take place in offices, schools, cafes.

Dana Tudose-Tianu asked Veronica what is the unique recipe for happiness one can find at the  Kaleidolove workshops.

Here’s what she had to say:

“Kaleidoscopes are by definition magic and infinite and the recipe for happiness is within them just as it is in life – all you have to do is open your eyes and your heart and dare to play, no matter the age. I came up with this idea, that we are kaleidoscopes, and we can only show our beauty when we put ourselves into the light, every day, in our personal and professional lives.

It is so interesting to observe the participants and their different ways of looking at this object and what is inside of it. The people at my workshops can be twenty or two hundred. It’s a fun thing to do with a team, big or small, and each participant gives and finds his own depth. It’s amazing to see couples or friends making kaleidoscopes and choosing to put in the same beads, only to discover they will make different shapes just as we are different as people, with our personal values and beliefs.  

This easy-to-make object becomes so vast when it is complete. It teaches us about the good in us and everything around us, it teaches us to embrace all shapes, all colours, variety and differences, and always be ready for a “wow” moment.”  

For kaleidoscope-making workshops dates and locations, check out the Kaleidolove Facebook page, or write to Veronica at [email protected]

  1. Attend classes or events organized by Fundatia Calea Victoriei

by Miluta Flueras http://fb.com/miluta7

Fundaţia Calea Victoriei is an independent cultural organization, based in Bucharest, that offers courses and interactive events to young people and adults, in a multitude of areas related to culture and the humanities.   

Acting & Cinema, Anthropology, Art History, Astronomy, Philosophy, Photography, Fashion and Beauty, Music and Dance, Religion and Spirituality, Creative Writing and Journalism, are some of the courses offered by the Foundation.

The foundation also organizes guided historical tours of Bucharest and hosts two large classical music concerts each year.

Dana Tudose-Tianu asked Sandra Ecobescu, the founder of FCV, how exposure to culture can enhance people’s state of happiness.

“I think reaching a state of happiness through exposure to culture may be too big of a statement. But I can definitely tell you that the people who participate in our cultural activities feel a high degree of intellectual and spiritual satisfaction. They really enjoy learning about fascinating subjects, meeting their professors and classmates, and feeling the special emotions generated by immersing oneself in art and culture.

So many people attend our courses and programs; there are hundreds and hundreds of people who take part in conferences, open dialogues with culture and art personalities, opera and symphonic music concerts. They tell us, our participants, that they get a feeling of communion with culture, which, in turn, gives birth to a feeling of community. They leave our classes or tours feeling more fulfilled, more self-confident, more optimistic.”.

There are several motivations behind choosing a certain course at the foundation. Some participants pick a course or an event because they want to expand their knowhow on a certain subject. Others want to revisit an older passion, and others follow curiosity to learn about a new or trendy themes. Some are looking at personal development classes in particular, such as mindfulness, public speaking, communication, NLP, emotional intelligence, nutrition etc.

Art and culture are manifestations of our imagination and human sensibility, of our society’s genius and talent. The Foundation makes art and culture accessible to the general public in Romania and promises that, among the multitude of courses you’ll find on their website, there will be at least one that will increase your state of wellbeing.

You can learn details on the Foundation’s courses and events by visiting www.fundatiacaleavictoriei.ro

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